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[VIC] Fined for not displaying plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by destroyer5787, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, i am very angry, i just got done by some cops in melb for not displaying my p's on my car, its my grandma's car, and today was the only day since i got my p's that i didnt post those damn plates on the windshield...

    so i got fined $116 and they are taking 3 demerit points away...out of the 5 i had..so now on my new bike i begin with 2 demerit points to spare. I think thats a bit harsh... i make a little mistake and more than half my demerit points are taken away...

    and I begin a new life on my motorbike with less demerit points for error. I am hoping to write a letter to contest..i dont know how i will go...has anyone else been dealt a harsh punishment like this..


  2. its just one of those things ya gotta deal with bro.cop it sweet and move on.2 points doesnt leave you much room to scratch your arse so keep yer sh!t together and dont screw up. :wink:
  3. It's an interesting one isn't it.... Failing to stop at stop sign, 3 points... not display P plates, 3 points... I wonder what has killed more people.
  4. What a crock. 3 points for not displaying your P's. Might as well have been speeding on the bike to coop that sort of punishment.

    When was the last time someone was killed or injured because they forgot to put the P's on their car?

    You might as well write them a letter trying to explain your situation. Don't think it will do much good thou. Get a lawyer to draft you a letter. Expensive but might save your licence later down the track if you can get out of this with a warning.
  5. You took a risk, you lost.
    Move on.
    If it really irks you, write to your local member complaining about how unjust the laws are.
  6. What's the fine for parentts who don't take the P Plates OFF the car that their son/daughter has been driving???

    James has a good point, though, it's scarcely going to kill someone, is it? I'd be attempting to get the charge downgraded, or the points lowered, at least.
  7. The same..

    Oh, and I agree with Smee - you got caught - take it like a man.
  8. Yes... but having been pulled over for that particular offense I actually got let off with a warning.

    I suspect that is much less likely for a P plater failing to display them (which is somewhat inconsistent).
  9. Well, at least he had demerit points to lose. Back when I was a lad, we didn't even had demerit points on a probationary licence. It was crucifixion, first offence.

    Well, not exactly crucifixion, but any offence meant your licence was cancelled. When the period of cancellation expired you then could re-do your L's, then get your P licence back. I know guys who weren't onto a full licence til their mid-20s....
  10. Write a letter setting out the circumstances - you might just get away with it.

    I agree - demerit points are stupid for that offence - especially when you consider if you were riding a bike "above capacity" there's no points. But failing to display a piece of plastic costs 3 points. No logic or sense at all.
  11. agreed, us youths have it alot easier these days . i got done for no p plate up here in sydney. it sucks that its such a hhuge ass penalty for somthing so minor. and that it'll push you're excess up for insurance as they claim it is "non-compliance with p plate restrictions" it did at least for my TPP with NRMA.

    but it is better than losing your licence for 3 months and having to start over again.
  12. So why weren't you displaying them?
    There are inconsistent, unjust, and blatantly stupid laws all over the place, you either adhere to them or go into politics and work to change them. Tough lesson.
  13. +1

    You stuffed up mate, better luck next time :wink:
  14. thanks for the support guys i feel a bit better now....

    i dont mind paying the fine...i will take taht..but i am gonna try and write a letter to get some of those demerit points back...

    thanks again
  15. Well shit happens I suppose, write a letter saying what happened and that you are a really safe driver etc, don't say it is unfair in the letter.
  16. Appeal it, almost all of the time they'll let you off for plates unless you have a dodgy record.