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[VIC] few p plate questions...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by donkey-shlong, May 26, 2008.

  1. Sorry if these have been answered already...

    While on restrictions if a P plater is caught on a higher cc bike do they just get the fine or do they lose there licence’s (car and bike) for 6 months??
    (i read somewhere if your caught while on p's its loss of car and bike licence for 6 months...)

    And also just a confirmation that i can upgrade to a higher cc bike when im 19 :twisted: (a year after i got my bike p's)?
    (so in theory there could be a hayabusa with a p plate flapping at the back :LOL: )
    They have started to restrict p platers cars, cant see why they wouldn’t make it that you need to be over 21 to get a faster bike in the future :cry:

    and while im here, any word on when the new spur speed limits come in?


  2. 1. depends on how many points you have and are allowed to have. Do search for more details.

    2. yes

    3. already.
  3. Look in other threads, I'd be more worried about not being insured and/or covered by TAC in case you hurt the bike/someone elses vehicle/someone else/yourself.
  4. At the moment it's a fine and no points for riding "under licenced". You do get points for not displaying the P plate though.

    After LAMS comes in, I won't be at all surprised to see the penalties l probably change to a much bigger fine and loss of points (or even licence).

    Insurance is up to your insurance sompany. They vary but I'd be very cautious.

    You will not lose any rights to medical treatment etc. from the TAC; and depending on the circumstances you probably won't lose income compensation rights either.
  5. $116 fine and no loss of demerit points.

    Not sure what it is if you're not displaying plates on the motorbike but in a car its 1 point for a missing P plate, and 3 points if you're missing both, not sure how much $$$ but it's more than if you were to be 20k's over the speed limit.
    Silly law...

    Instead of buying a busa, maybe you could jump off a tall building?
    Cheaper... :?
  7. 1. :-k
    2. :) :twisted: (average 19yr old on even the sports 600's is a bit of a worry.... not saying i wont take full advantage of this :grin: )
    3. :roll: it will be good if there is a difference in the motorcycle road toll, but i don't know if it will change anything besides pissing off riders and discouraging them from going there....

    "so in theory there could be a hayabusa with a p plate flapping at the back"
    i have enough trouble moving around my 250, to heavy for an upgrade anyways :p

    and ty for other info, good to know if a family member or something offers me a ride of a higher cc bike its it wouldn't be a loss of license if i was caught.....
    oh and i better start displaying p's when i drive :LOL: ,
  8. just got my green p in the mail for the 1st of july...

    read the new laws and the reinforcement of the faster cars laws for p platers, hopefully bikes stay out of that one :)