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(VIC) Ferry from Sorrento- Queenscliff, with bike..anyone ?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Nickers330, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Hey gals n guys,

    In the process of planning a trip however something with a bit of a twist. Being that this trip will originate from Mt Martha, rather than go the looooooooooong way round towards the GOR (ie back through/near Melbourne City), was more interested in researching a possible ferry ride from Sorrento - Queenscliff, and then ride from there all the way to Apollo Bay and beyond.

    This is the company I have found who do this daily :

    Has anyone ever ferried their bike from Sorrento to Queenscliff ?
    How is one's bike secured during the 40min ferry ?
    What was the overall experience ?

    I have contacted 'Searoad' relating to some specific questions (waiting on reply) however any feedback from fellow netriders would be much appreciated.
  2. I've been across a couple of times with a bike although not for 3 years or so.

    Both times the bikes were not secured but the bay wasn't rough enough to present a problem.
  3. Used it a couple of times in a car.

    Last trip we passed through the wake of a container ship which lurched the ferry enough to up end any bike on a side stand in my opinion so beware of the weather and wave size on the day.
  4. Thanks very much for the prompt replies guys. Very helpful and interesting... 2 different experiences regarding the smoothness.

    My number one concern was security and whether the bikes were secured/tied down in any way, which ZRX1200R has answered for me.

    It seems that what happens on one day can vary from the next, so I guess a study of the weather leading to the day of travel may help.

    I might look into this though, as it would create another 'experience' from the ordinary. Again thanks guys for your info.

    Anyone else with similar/different experiences ?

  5. You might want to check your insurance policy before boarding. I'd be surprised if you are covered.
  6. Another good point ! Thanks CamKawa.
  7. I took the ferry with a couple of mates earlier in the year.

    The crossing was very smooth. Like others have said the bikes are unsecured. We were allowed to hang with the bikes if that helps.
  8. Cheers OZChris - all your suggestions and past experiences help in someday giving it a go myself.
    Thanks mate
  9. I had similar experience to OzChris. Was a very enjoyable journey.
  10. Okay, well too many have said they've enjoyed it, so I'm gonna do it ! :cool:
    Thanks for your experiences and details guys..much appreciated.
    All I need now is to try organise the right day for this adventure...hmmm...getting back to Oz from Bahrain (work trip) would be a great start ....
    Cheers and safe riding.
  11. Here is the latest from Searoads' reply to my email :

    Dear xxxx,
    We transport many motorbikes on the ferry. Current one way travel costs are $24 for the bike plus rider and passenger charges of $7.50 per person.
    Ferries depart on the hour every hour from 7am until 6pm every day. You would need to arrrive 15 to 20minutes prior to departure to purchase your ticket. It helps the ticketing staff if you can tell them your registration number when you arrive to purchase your ticket. Motorbikes are generally parked in the centre of the car deck, which is the most stable area, and are not fastened down, so in rougher conditions crew may advise you to stay with your bike. The car deck is not completely enclosed so there is some view out if you need to do this. Hope this helps with your planning.
    Regards xxxxx

    Hope this helps others also. Again, thanks to all for your input in answering my questions.

    Safe, happy riding to you
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  12. Nearly 6 years gone past. Didn't know if I should dig up an old thread or create a new one, but here goes...

    I was wondering if anyone has had any updates on the ferry with the bikes?

    Has anything changed? (Tie downs?). Do people normally choose to stay with their bikes? Is there a part of the journey more dangerous than the other? Previous experience, etc?
  13. Prices have gone up I think it is $35 one way now. No tie downs usually not necessary. On most occasions I don't stay with the bike, leave it on the side stand and it will be OK. If the weather is very choppy then probably stay with the bike. Don't leave the bike until they have left the dock and return to it before the reach the dock on the other side. If the current or wind is against him he can get it wrong sometimes and hit one of the concrete mooring dolphins. That may knock a bike over.
  14. Came across on the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento just last Sunday. It cost approx $35 for one bike and rider.

    Bike was left on side stand and in gear to help prevent rolling etc, no tie downs.

    You can stay with your bike if you like, but we left ours and went up on deck and got a drink and admired the view. The crossing was pretty smooth that day, good weather.
  15. If you book online it only costs $30. Online booking has the advantage that they know you are coming and if it's the first or last one for the day you booked, they have been known to wait an extra couple of minutes.

    If you use it frequently you can also get discount if a member.
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  16. ajrider,

    I used the ferry services around Christmas/New Year recently whilst holidaying with my partner, Sorrento - Queenscliff.
    Can't remember what the total fare was (2 Adults, 1 car) however a lasting memory was an incredibly rude older woman serving us at the pay window...
    That aside, it's always a much enjoyed outing, travelling on that ferry at times ..

    Thanks for the update, guys :)
  17. ajriderajrider,

    I ran a group ride on Jan 17th this year and the price was $35 per bike, one way.

    We just rocked up and paid for the 14 odd of us .. just give yourself time and don't arrive with 5 minutes to spare.

    We all stayed with our bikes, mingled and chatted.

    Our ride was from the Sat morning practice session to Queenscliff then over to Sorrento.

    The reason for this was that the ride from Melbourne to Queenscliff is quite straight , highway riding and any new riders might get tired/bored/distracted along this route so it was best to do this first when their energy levels were at their highest and not later on in the afternoon.

    Was a great experience and nice day to boot!

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  18. Booking online also means you can have the print out receipt in your jacket pocket makes it easy to do with gloves on as you don't have to worry with cash/card receipt etc.

    I've stayed with my bike a couple of times, when the crew have advised the crossing is going to be a but rough, otherwise upstairs for latte & cake.
  19. God to kniow guys, I am planning on making use of that service later in the year when I go from Gippsland to the Western Districts. Going to be a bloody good ride!