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[VIC] female dodgy posty bike, geelong 18/3/2011

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shady_knife, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. was in town heading home on the zx-6r, when i saw a chick on a posty bike obviously having problems with the bike, i pulled over, she wheeled her bike over to the side of the road to let cars through, i crossed the road, asked if she needed help.

    she said the bike was been a pain, kept cutting out. we had a quick chat, she got it started and rode off... not before mentioning norlane. she also had some piercings, wasn't tall... brown hair i think... anyway, she left before i woke up and realised that i didn't ask her for her number or anything.. so anyone know this chick? she has a red scooter helmet.
  2. it was a dream.

    so, if this was a guy, would you try to chase a number down?
  3. nope. thought the intent was pretty clear, or are you insinuating that i'm gay? :S
  4. ok. so you get her number. then what?
  5. you went to sleep?? :-s

    and what is norlane?
  6. #6 shady_knife, Mar 18, 2011
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    ask her if she wants to for a ride! you seem pretty cynical or are you going along the whole lines of this...


    suburb of geelong
  7. you went to sleep??
  8. as in i should have been on the ball and asked her that BEFORE she left...
  9. Where's the fun in stalking if she just gives you her phone number?
  10. She didn't ask for your number?
  11. good luck with the booty search :D
  12. unfortunately not :(

    hopefully see her around...
  13. You need to ask brownyy for some tips :bolt:
  14. Like. ;)
  15. and what is norlane?
    suburb of geelong

    Damn, I thought it might have been a drug I hadn't heard of.
  16. You never know what you'll get in the wrong(or right) parts of Norlane..:D
  17. BTW, if it had a nitrous bottle on the rack a bloke rides it around as well..
  18. don't think so, unless it was wrapped up in some kind of clothlike material. she had that cloth thingy and her handbag strapped to the back.
  19. Check with local bike mechanics. Someone must give her a service...

    I mean, uh...

    Don't worry
  20. Funny video well done .. good luck with your search .

    One thing about opportunities they don't come around very often so you must take them when they do '' because one day when your an old fart they won't come around at all '' Seize the day

    good luck