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[Vic] Fake parking ticket in CBD help

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by lizardmech, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. There was a larger sticker put on my bike today threatening to confiscate my motorbike if I parked here again because it was supposedly a no parking zone. I was parked where the blue motorbike in the photo is. There was no contact details or details of who placed the sticker on it.

    There is a no parking sign next to the stairs which makes sense since it would block pedestrians if you were to park there, however where I was parked large poles prevent pedestrians from even moving through the area anyway.

    They did not put the stickers on the scooters parked next to me as well, only motorbikes.

    Can they legally take my motorcycle? I don't know if they are trying to claim its private property or what since they tried to make something more like a fake parking warning rather than leaving a polite note asking me not to park there like I have for the last 2 years due to it being private property.

  2. If there is no sign then they can't touch your bike,

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  4. I read that thread, that rule seemed to be a guideline in relation to not creating a hazard for disabled people, which wouldn't make sense in that area as the steel pillars would make it impossible for them to pass through. I don't think its Vicroads or the local council since the huge sticker had no contact details or government logo.

    My main concern is the legality of them threatening to tow and confiscate my property. How do I check if that part of the footpath is public land or private? What are the ramifications of them threatening to take the law into their own hands rather than telling parking inspectors or simply leaving a polite note asking me not to park there?
  5. My first thought is:
    "No logo... probably no authority. F*** 'em."

    My second thought is:
    "Some mincing f@ggot has gone to the trouble of making a sticker about this? What a c0ckhead... still, they obviously believe strongly in their own authority - am I running the risk of some idiot damaging my bike by parking here?"
  6. Yeah that would be my worry as well
  7. Re read the thread and apart from the guidelines there are links about how and where you can legally park on the footpath.
  8. The links to the vicroads site were what I initially read and appear to say they are only guidelines not laws. There does not seem to be a guideline relating to parking somewhere pedestrians would not walk that is near a building. There are a list of a few streets its actually illegal to park in around the CBD, but aside from obstructing the footpath and no parking zones there doesn't seem to be specific law?

    My question is mostly relating to if people who aren't government officials can just threaten to randomly remove my motorbike from the footpath by inventing a non marked no parking zone?
  9. Am unsure about the specific example, but you need to be careful especially if the area you're parking in is within the property boundary of the building, in which case you're technically trespassing on private property and that may explain the reason for the message left on your bike. Yes, it may be a shop or whatever, but just because it's a footpath area within the property boundary of some shop, it can still be considered to be outside the terms of property entry by the building owner if they object.
  10. Also note that from the pic it seems you are parking BEHIND the line of the buildings in the street. Even though it is accessable to pedestrians, the guidelines specifiy that this is not okay.

    From memory they post a picture of someone parked in a fore court of an office building and say it's illegal as it is behind the line of buiding fronts. They say to check this look down the street to determine where the building line is for that street.

    I'd just park somewhere else, despite the fact that the person who wrote that piece of crap is full of shit.
  11. I guess it must be a property line issue, looking on google street view the building over hangs it in some parts due to its strange angled design. I don't know why they didn't just put a sign saying private property rather than going to the trouble of manufacturing giant stickers and trying to pass them off as warnings for parking in a no parking zone.
  12. Regardless of you being parked on their property or not, they have NO right to deface your bike, and if you find them doing it THEY can be charged. Be sure to tell them that! :evil:
  13. I saw your bike today while I was in the city with my kids, seeing the J.O about a new clutch lever. My son liked it.

    As for the sticker, I would put my own on that says something along the lines " fcuk off, and please don't touch! " and then sit back and watch for the prick to do it.
  14. I park there occasionally in my jaunts around the city. Nice spot too, tucked away. There aren't too many spots there that are safe for both your bike and pedestrians in that direct area.
  15. Technically I'd say you are within the property line, and therefore incorrectly parked.

    You could legitimately park between the green bin and the pole, parallel to the roadway, since it is a no parking zone for cars. Or even with your front wheel adjacent the pole. However while that would be a legitimate spot, it would be much less safe for your bike or pedestrians using the crossing at the corner, since most of them would illegally J walk through that gap.

    Sometimes what is "right" isn't the best solution, and whats "wrong" makes more sense. Don't you love rules? :grin:

    PS: I reckon that MELWAY sign would be illegal as well.
  16. Even if it is private property (though it doesn't appear to be) it is illegal for the owner of that property to touch your bike. Putting stickers on it is vandalism and taking it away is theft.

    If it's public property then they need to sign it as a tow away zone or they can't touch it.

    Further, if it was parked illegally, you'd have gotton a fine from an authorised officer, not a warning. This suggests to me that the shop owner simply has a thing against bikes. It might be worthwhile politely asking about it and if they admit to placing the sticker you can choose your course of action from there. I spose you could either report the inncident to the police or tell the owner that if anyone ever touches the bike again, you'll take off the freshly warmed Yoshi and jam it up his arse. :)
  17. F&%k em! lets get 10 bikes together, park there and sit and have coffee across the road and wait for the F%^ker :LOL:
  18. Kinky, that would only aggravate the matter further.

    There's a reason why there is no identifying info on the sticker - the guy who designed it and put it on the bike is fully aware that it can't be towed by him or any private towing firm. And thus doesn't wish to be identified. Otherwise, as Seany (I think) said, if a traffic cop/parking officer placed the sticker then it would have been a fine. OR the bike may have been towed on his instructions.

    One good thing that Kennett did was to outlaw the practice of private firms putting wheel clamps on cars or having them towed then the owner being forced to pay a "fine" to have it released. ONLY government authorities can issue fines. Let's be clear on that.

    What the owner of the property can do is to dob you into the cops or the council. It would be them that would proceed with the matter if you're breaking the law with respect to footpath parking.
  19. Under the building eaves like that it is parked on private property. They can't do anything to you - but they can ask a council parking inspector to book you however. They could also "accidentally" block you in. It's almost certainly the property management company looking after the building - not the occupiers or the actual owners. Anyone official would have let you know - in fact the deal is wiht the council that if they have someone badly parked they will leave a note and a copy of the guidelines on the bike/scooter.

    There's a growing practice of putting little bullshit notes on bikes when people don't like where you park. I parked (legally) on the footparth in St Vincents place (behind my work) and came out to find a note saying "please don't park here as it blocks the footpath for patients at the Peter Mac receiving chemotheraphy. They walk up to get a coffee at the coffee shop and they can't wheel their drips along the footpath because you're blocking it".

    One problem - the prick who put the note there had already put notes on other people who had parked there saying they were parked illegally (it turned out he didn't like them parked outside the expensive units.

    The other thing was that having had extensive chemo myself last year I have some experience in this area - (1) the last thing you want while they are wacking the stuff in is to walk 400 metres to get a coffee (2) the idea of a hospital allowing a patient receiving treatment to walk that far with a drip in is ludicrous (3) the idea of anyone actually wheeling a hospital drip along that rough stretch of footpath is silly, (4) I had an office on the other side of the road overlooking that stretch of footpath for several years and never saw anyone doing that (5) I asked the coffee shop - they've seen anyone come in wheeling a drip (they figured they might notice if that was the case). and finally - it wasn't blocking anyone anyway.

    I put an exceedingly rude note on the bike addressed to this person telling him exactly what I thought of this sort of emotional blackmail (along with my phone number telling him to call me if he had a problem). When I came back I noticed it had gone and there's never been any more complaints.
  20. I used to park there all the time as I worked across the road.
    If you park under teh cover, it is kind of 'private property'

    if you park closer to the curb, they cant touch you.

    There used to be only 1 or 2 bikes parked out front, then it became a parking haven for bikes. the entire front of the shop is parked full of bikes.