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VIC: Facing 6 month suspension

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, May 12, 2007.

  1. Hi ladies and gents,

    I need some serious advice for the following situation:

    Last year received 2 fines whilst on my L's
    Total of 8 demerit points received, so was suspended for 2 months.
    Then received option letter and chose 1 year good driving bond as i couldnt be without a licence for 3 months due to work.
    Bf bought "ghost plates" and we put them on my bike. (i know, i know, you're probably thinking "why the hell did she do something stupid like that when shes only on one point?" Ive been asking myself the same damn thing!!!)
    I was pulled over and was fined for obstruction of number plate and copped 3 more demerit points and a small fine.

    Because i accumulated a further 3 points, i now face a 6 month suspension :? :cry: and ill possibly lose my business as im not the type to drive whilst unlicenced.

    I wrote into the Penalty Review Board and they rejected my letter.
    My only other option is to now take it to court.

    Ive sought several lawyers' advice but had nothing but bullsh!t advice and told i would have to pay a minimun of $2,000 which i literallty just cant afford it at this point in time :oops:

    I then thought about trying to extend it until Oct, which is when i get my 5 points back however, ive heard that extending doesnt work in Vic because of numerous reasons.
    Can someone please give me some sound advice???

    Also is it true that if you pay a little more than the fine, the fine and/or demerit points wont actually be recorded?

    Thanks people!!!

  2. Sound advice: learn from this costly experience.
    You had plenty of repremands, suck it up and live with the penalty.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Re: Facing 6 month suspension

    A: Bend over and take it like the naughty little devil that you are.

    B: They fixed that loophole in the demerit point system for naughty little girls like you.

    Forget the lawyers, go stand in front of the judgeroonie and plead your case.

    Tell them that you have just started this new business and that you need your licence, yadda yadda, tell them that you are a silly little girl and that Blue14 and I will slap you for a week, at the same time :p

    Seriously, there isn't a hope in hell you are going to keep your licence, but your pleading with the judgeroonie just might sway them to reduce the sentence.
    Ask them for an extended probation period yadda yadda, and only drive for work purposes if you are successful.


    Just come and see me for a pointless spanking anyway ;)
  4. I say dob in your BF tell them he put that silly thing on your plate and you did not even know it was there....tell them you will help put him in jail for a year IF they let you keep your license....just remember there are lotsa single guys out there so in that time he is in the slammer trying not to have to pick up the soap too often you can always use some one else as your BF
  5. That's awful news. I don't have any good advice but I sympathise.

    If there was a speed cam where the boys were saying there was on the way home from Daylesford, I'll have been clocked at around 190 in an 80 zone (the only time I went over the limit on the whole day but I couldn't help myself, nice corner and all) - so if I get a nasty letter you and I can start the netrider cycling club eh?
  6. yep, as others said, there is no hope.
    cop it sweet and move on.

    you know the mistakes you made, so there is no need for anyone to remind you of them.....
    6mths is nothing in the long run :)
  7. What are ghost plates?
  8.  Top
  9. yeah thats what i told the cop! lol

    go to: www.ghostplates.com

    They reflect speed and red light camers so when the photo comes out, it either look mirrored, or only a couple of the digits are visible.
    Trust me, they work! :shock: :cool:
    But the fine for having them is hefty!

    I plan on representing myself in court... it seems to be my only option at this point. :cry:
    Also 6 months doesnt seem long but when you own your own business, 6 months of no business is something that could put you in a bad situation.

    I have no comment other than, you're one kinky man :wink: :p :LOL:

    Thanks Loz! Thats probably the nicest thing you've ever said to me hahahahaha
  10. Re: Facing 6 month suspension

    That sucks Jamie but it will just be another law broken won't it? ;) :p
    Seriously tho, good luck but I reckon you got 2 chances of keeping your licence, hope the 6 months goes quickly.
  11. Try saying that 10 times fast when he is right behind you
  12. i (personally) wouldnt be taking the matter to court. in cases such as this the judges have been know to hand down the maximum sentence because you are effectively wasting their time by having it heard. i know this from 'sperience ;)

    you were driving/riding whilst on good behaviour for previous offences. they will show NO lenience, irrespective of your employment.
    what you have done, is take a traffic offence, and left yourself open to be criminally liable.
    IMHO, and i am not the judge, the best case scenario of a court hearing will be the same fines/suspension with the addition of court costs.
  13. Points are non negotiable as far as I'm aware, only fines can be reduced (this is just my current understanding). :(

    You might be able to contest if you can get your boyfriend to state in court that he put the ghost plates on the bike and that you didn't know what they were. However, as Joel said if the judge doesn't believe the story then you'll be bent over the railing for wasting court time.

    Be careful and good luck. :)
  14. In the end of the day I hope you don’t lose your business, it’s not all lost...even if you do lose your licence ....you may find other ways to do things ...You just may not be able to think of them until you’re forced to use them
  15. Sad, and, of course, unnecessary, but I'm trying to imagine what business is going to fail because you can't drive (unless it's a mobile dog-wash or something???) I know public transport is a rotten choice, but surely you'll still be able to get around?
  16. You know what they say,......... right?

    Anyone who represent themself in court has an idiot for a lawyer! :p

    Did you tell them that your BF put them on? Otherwise you could plead that they were there when you bought the bike (if you bought it 2nd hand that is).
  17. there are 2 exemptions available -

    1. points - you're getting them anyway. dad's a professional driver and took a fine/points for me. but because of his profession and good driving history they swapped it to a warning. for you that's probably not going to happen.

    2. licence suspension - you can get exemptions to and from work, but it is unlikely. when i spent a couple years as a baker, there were several bakers that had exceptions of driving only to and from work. it is, however, different, because at times bakers work there is no/minimal public transport. it is however, dependent on your individual situation, and the judge you get.
  18. in this case, i believe this option has been exhausted with the 12mths probationary licence option.
    again, i am not a judge, nor am i a lawyer, but i have lost my licence in a (kinda) similar way a couple years ago. took it to court, and got my suspension increased from 3 to 6 mths.
    all this, and i wasnt even riding on a "gazetted" public road. apparently any thoroughfare used by the public, for purposes of traffic law, is considered a public road. i was only travelling between paddocks at the farm :shock:

    either way, good luck, and i hope you find a way to ensure continuity of income should the worst happen :)
  19. Not at all.

    It isn't a court with a judge and jury, it's one dood or doodette and a heap of law breakers all lined up waiting.

    [someone else stated]
    Wasting the court's time??????

    What crap is that??? They exist and available for us to use, they are there for a reason. This case is a legitimate one. She has every right to ASK THE QUESTION. The outcome may not be favourable but at the end of the day, not going to court because you feel as if you'll waste the court's time is silly.
  20. Re: Facing 6 month suspension

    If I needed the car, I would still driving & I did.

    I got caught going over the limit when I was on suspension (late for work).
    Rang a few pigs to try sort it out for me but the officer refused to withdraw
    it so I had to go before the Magistrates Court.

    I just bullshitted & said it was the first day I'd driven & had no one to get
    me to work so made a last minute decision to drive and that I really needed
    my job; that I have a family that depends on me etc etc. I also apologised
    to the Court and acknowledged that what I did was wrong.

    He told me not to do it again then imposed a $1000 fine. He asked me how
    long it would take to pay it. I said about 3mths. He said Ok then 3 months it is.

    But dam, 6mths is a long suspension. :evil:

    Yeh its true, if ya lucky enough to have a corrupt pig issue you the ticket
    then advise you of how he can help you out. :roll:

    Otherwise its bullshit DJ.