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[VIC] EXSIGHT @ Starbar Fundraiser

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. EXSIGHT @ Starbar!

    ***Help Lazaro SEE his future***

    To all my fellow bikers,
    A dear friend of mine recently went in search for her long lost father after her mother and he lost each other in the Cambodian Civil War. After 25 years, he was found to be living back at home in Cuba where the he lived not knowing he had a daughter. :shock:
    She was united with him 2 months ago and found out she had other siblings. Her youngest brother Lazaro is 6 years old with a serious eye disease and has been diagnosed to be blind by the age of 9! As the conditions in Cuba are far from adequate, the CUBAN MEDICAL RELIEF FUND have corresponded with Rinka to raise funds to help get Lazaro here to save those young eyes and get the laser surgery that he needs!

    Please join the one and only me in coming to;

    STARBAR: 160 Clarendon St, South Melbourne
    WHEN: Friday 28th July
    GUESTS: Tim from Big Bro, other BB housemates & CHOCOLITO!!!!

    TICKETS: $23 Online or $27 @ the door
    www.layby.com.au or call 0411 398 424

    Drink specials and giveaways all night!

    A night not to miss! :p

    Jamie :wink:
  2. Please also note that even if you dont want to come, donations are more than welcome...
  3. Hey guys and gals,

    I really need your help in getting as many people to this event as possible!
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