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(VIC) Explosion in Burley tunnel, both lanes closed

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Just heard on the radio that there has been a huge accident in the citylink tunnels causing both lanes to close. Witness said they saw a huge fireball in their mirror and smoke is pouring out of the tunnel.

  2. Dodgy curry?
  3. With all the leaks those things have they will soon have the fire out. :shock:
  4. A death has been reported.

  5. Our office overlooks the west end entry to the tunnel.
    Saw smoke billowing out of both exhaust towers at about 10am this morning. By the looks of the smoke something was definitely on fire and being fueled for at least 20 - 30mins. That was kind of odd as they don't allow flammable materials into the tunnel (a good idea it would seem).

    I'd stay away from any of the surrounding streets, traffic is gridlocked on kingsway and swan st.

    Sad to hear that life was lost in the accident. Someone in the office also alluded to the fact that he "hope(d) it's nothing related to a terrorist attack".
  6. Just confirmed on channel 9. 3 people dead. :(
  7. This is the thing wrong with News reporters they allways publish the worst, Channel 10 have reported it as 1 dead and possibly another 2, but not confirmed.
  8. It's the main subject on 3AW.
    3 deaths confirmed and the Toll may rise :(
    Terrible news.....and on a day of total fire ban.
  9. Traffic is chaos, I have just got back from dropping a bike to go over on the spirit of tas and Dandenong road and the freeways are stopped no one is moving anywhere.
  10. I just woke up and read this post.

    I thought to myself, someone has put this is the wrong forum, it belonged to jokes and humour :(

    Sadly it is true.
  11. Hume Hwy is now closed to all north bound traffic near Seymour due to a truck fire .. :?
  12. If you want to see rampant speculation that makes anything seen in any rider down thread here pale into insignficance, have a gander at the reader comments on the hun's online report.


    "Traffic chaos" is apparently an understatement.
  13. Wow. :shock:

    This is the first I've heard whats happened (reading it here).

    Thats the thing with these kinda roads. Even the length of the road is
    monitored, there is no emergency stop lane so stopping on that road
    places the vehicle in grave danger for the few minutes it takes to have
    to scene attended to.

    Condolences to those whos loves ones have died. :cry:
  14. Had a very easy run home from williamstown which is a first for a friday.
    Traffic heading inbound was very light also.
    Looks like people are avoiding the city atm
    \Of course that may change at 5-6pm.
  15. Damien McDonald, one of them killed, was one of my school classmates.

    Such a small world
    Reminds you it can happen to anyone at anytime
  16. Don't forget people the tunnel will not be re-opening until 10am on Tuesday. 4 days after the accident.
  17. .....and, by recent reports, a much awarded sportsman, very sad for all, especially his family.