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[VIC] Experiences with: High Octane motorcycles ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Hiya guys.

    Just wondering whether anyone here has experience with a motorcycle workshop called High Octane Motorcycles, out in Thomastown.

    I believe it is owned by Con, who was a mechanic that worked at Race Replica. I'm considering throwing someone a chunk of work and given it's nature, I'd rather have a direct one on one working relationship rather that go through a shop.

    From my past dealings with Con, he's up there on the list. Just wanted to get some feedback first.

    Please share.
  2. Well well, a search found this... http://www.highoctanemotorcycles.com/

    No this is NOT back door advertising, I'm genuinely interested in whether any NR's have any feedback.

  3. without starting a new thread ill just bump this...

    I've gone to see John and Kon at High Octane Motorcycles and they are extremely nice people. Im getting a major service done there on wednesday, and can vouch for the fact that they're extremely good at what they do and are alw3ays ready to offer discounts for repeat business.

    because i work 6 days a week and (i thought) wouldnt be unable to make a mid week booking, they've kindly offered to chuck mine and a friends bike on their trailor and tow them to the workshop, do the service and return them back to us that night... if you can find a mechanic thats that happy to help out a guy they've only met once, i would love for you to introduce them to me
  4. Thanks ctjet.

    I chatted with Con on Friday... didn't quite get my bike organised in time to drop it off on Saturday... I might have to avail myself of their trailer service... He sounded as switched on as always :)

    Let us know how you go. :)
  5. moderators: if you are thinking about canning this thread, please pm me first and i will remove my post. i am not trying to spam, but i am a good friend with the mechanic.

    anyway... lowdown is that high octane sponsor our freestyle team. we get all our work done there. i've always been impressed with con even before he started up HOMC - he was doing jobs for me at home. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend the business and if you mention team front up freestyle, i am sure they will look after you and be very accomodating. i am also very busy with my fulltime job and find it hard to get my bike serviced. so it is great that they will pickup and drop off at a time that suits me. tomorrow night, one of my bikes is being returned and another is being picked up for some fairly major work.