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[VIC] Eswens Chocolate Tour, Sat June 10

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Meeting at 10am, expected departure of 10.45, in Ivanhoe. Limited places apply, too many people will make it unmanagable, and many of the chocolate shops are quite small. Email me for the meet point.

    Please bring full tank of fuel, although this is a city ride, it is around 120km long and expected to finish late afternoon/early evening.

    Visiting some of Melbournes finest chocolate shops and cafes, via some of her more interesting city roads, the chocolate tour is learner friendly.

    (Posted becuase no thread automaticly generated? I swear I ticked the password to be sent and add to forum boxes...)
  2. The weather forecast is improving...
  3. yep!! at the moment looking like the best weather for the weekend; "Saturday: Early fog. Late shower. 14 degrees"
    but we wont be far from home for those that want to go home soon as it starts looking like rain :LOL:
  4. The probability of my attendance is rising. :grin:
  5. Good chance I'll be there for this one, with a bike this time.
  6. Hey Es, you should have started the tour where we have Friday coffee. Trampoline have a great chocolate shot, equivalent to about a cup of liquid chocolate from their chocolate fountain, for just $2.50 :grin:
  7. Well that all depends on who's home you're talking about.... :p ;)
  8. You chocky chick Eswen, have you considered some sort of 12 step program to help you over come your addiction hehehe. :LOL: :p

    Cant make this one but will look out for your chocky runs in future.

    mmmmmm Chocolate!! :)

    Cheers and have a good one.


    Hi G!
  9. Hi Steve,

    See you on the next Chocolate ride.
  10. I am gonna have to dip flipper in chocolate to make up for missing this. :grin:
  11. aw well for those who find the meet point too early, or have other engagements, there is the option of meeting up with us part way through.

    and there are 2 more chocolate tours planned for this year if you have to miss this one :)
  12. ive already put my hand up for this one.. depends on where im staying friday night as to wher i meet up.. ill message you saturday morning es when i get up...
  13. Es.... i now know why you and i are friends...
    We have something very yummy in common :)

    Peeps @ work call me chocco (seriously) lol

    I have a few things on this w/end so ill have to see.
    Is there a cut off date?
  14. Well you know I'm there :grin:
  15. hey hey hey...CHOCOLATE!!!> tell me more.. how many choc shops?. and how much can we consume.and how will our bellys fit over the tank over the progression of the ride..?..Umm.. yeah.. how do I put me down for this.. ADD ME!!!!
  16. Hey Laddie.

    I think there are between 4-6 fine chocolate shops.
    Best to PM Es to join.

  17. no cut off date, Ill post here if it sounds like there will be too many people :)
  18. es.. ill be in dandynong as of 0900ish on saturday,, and ill probably be bringing a mate with me on his virago 250..

    where is the best place to meet you.. and at what time.. ish?
  19. well the start point is 244 waterdale rd, ivanhoe and we are meeting at 10am with aim to leave at 10.45. (www.whereis.com.au)
    if you cant make the meet point, feel free to sms me in attempt to meet up, due to frequent stopping it shouldnt be hard :)
    please advise of intent to attend!
  20. I'm guessing that's the chocolate shop near the awesome fish & chip shop in the shopping strip near the pool. :wink: :grin: