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[VIC] Eswen's Birthday Dinner, Sunday 21st May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, May 15, 2006.

  1. I'm hitting ripe old age (19), join me to celebrate!

    7pm at Plaka Greek Restaurant, 262 Lower Heidleburg Road, East Ivanhoe (for a map http://www.whereis.com.au ) its right next to the only round about on lower h/burg road. Used to be a car shop I think so its got a big metal fence around it :)

    They have also been kind enough to offer us a 10% discount for the night.

    Please RSVP! I need to confirm the booking on friday night so please let me know before then if you are coming so you dont have to spend the night standing up.

    See you then ;)

    (not added to calendar due to error message; mouth pmed)


    Troy maybe +1
    falcon lord

    rob & rose
    Nate +1
    stacey and jayson
    Yasmin + nathan possibly baby also

    27 + baby

    2 x vegetarian 1 x vegan
  2. Be with you in spirit, eswen

    {Is this party why you bought the thermals :LOL: ??}
  3. I'm sure you will have a great night Eswen. I take it the party will last all weekend? :LOL:
  4. Es, read the post 3 times, including the calendar error. Perhaps you could insert the date and time for the dinner in the post, until the calendar error is sorted out ?
  5. Time was already there... its sunday 7pm :)
  6. finish at 7 that night so i most likely be there at 7:30ish
    mmm greek food
  7. yeah, right !

  8. Ooooh, I'll be with you in spirit Eswen.
  9. :woot: Discount greek food :LOL:

  10. So it's dyno day then Eswens party.

    That make for a veeeery long day.
  11. Hope it's a good day for you.
    I'll be coming back that night from a serious weekend in Adelaide at a 20th wedding anniversary party. (I get to ride my brother in laws new Triumph Sprint around the hills on Saturday :grin: :grin: )

  12. I have another b'day in the arvo on sunday but will come around after, should be there by about 7.

  13. I'm in...........................
  14. I'll be working that night, but i'll still be there :p
  15. Of course Matty's gonna be there, he loves it Greek style.
  16. hapy bday,i will have to giv the party a mis,sorry
  17. you never come to anything :(

    interested in drinks the following weekend gman?
  18. Its just the way you wear the fake monobrow while I try and dislodge it.
  19. TonyE you should come for the SAMRATS ride up to the river on the sunday, starts in the morning and will end sometime in the arvo I am assuming it wont be too late since we are leaving Adelaide @ 10 so will only be a few hour ride there and back + lunchtime.

    P.S. Happy b-day eswen
  20. Hey b'day girl!!!

    Wow the big 1-9... dont worry you'll make it to the big 20 soon.. trust me, just came from 19 lol heheheh

    Well im riding back from Canberra early Sunday morn and if im back in time, im definately there!!! (Also if my ass isn't too sore lol)
    But i guess vic can help me out in that dept :wink: :p lol heheheheh

    Ok Es, ill let you know... Please put me in tentatively

    ciao ciao bella xxx