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[VIC] Escort Drew's Bike home, Sat Sep 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Drew

    Due to the support i have received from the Netrider Community in my long and ongoing quest to get i bike, I am planing to hold BBQ for any interested riders who would like to Say hi and join in on a ride to Kyneton.

    Date 2nd Sept
    Meet: Cranbourne...

    ... more

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  2. route from Carnbourne to Kyneton to be confirmed.

    So who wants a trip in the country??

    I'll check on final numbers on Thursday so i can talk to the butcher.

    any questions? Ask away

    pm me or email if you can't make Cranbourne and need the address in Kyneton.

    Them's who's going:

    Drew (yep thats right)
    Egiste (after he passes his licence test!! Good Luck :p )
    Voyager (maybe)
  3. So what are you getting?
  4. Bike or for the BBQ?

    bike is a Spada.
  5. Drew, as an anxious observer of this drewn-out {groan} process, I'll be there in spirit to celebrate the day :grin:
  6. Hornet, that was bad.. even for you.

    getting anxious.. its been a year getting here and now i can't wait 5 days..... yep i must be addicted already :LOL:

    I'll be taking it to show the parents on the Sunday...... they don't know about it yet
  7. ill see.... might be busy saturday (scooter challenge qualifying might be on then...)
  8. did you wear your gear again today? :LOL:

    best of luck with it all mate!
  9. Enjoy the Spada, you've waited so long for it!
  10. just the draggins.......... and tried the helmet again.

    Eswen if you can make it let me know, i'll promise to get some vegie food for the BBQ!

    I've been told i'm figety.....REALLY?? i wonder why :LOL: :twisted:
  11. Drew,

    Don't know if anybody has offered yet, if not and you need a tail gunner to keep the baddies of ya ass pm me by Friday night.

    I can ride with you through to the other side of the city and maybe somebody can pick it up from there.
  12. thnaks for the offer But TAZMAN has offered to ride it home for me.

    Kwaka?? It's a Honda Spada. Come along if you want though...
  13. too bad, it's not the weekend after.... have fun, and sure we will see you on a ride soon
  14. must be my old eyes.. :cool: DID YOU SAY YOU WERE LETTING MICK RIDE YOUR BIKE??

    I would have sworn I read you were getting a GPX

    Only joking about Tazman, I've ridden with him, he's a seriously good rider
  15. I was consideringa GPX a little while ago... but then this came up :grin:
  16. I wont be able to make it - I've got plans this weekend, but congrats on the bike Drew....am sure you'll have a blast.... :)
  17. Thanks for the vote of confidence nobby :wink: :LOL: :LOL:

    I will also be riding a different bike back to melbourne so I dont have to go pillion with my bro :wink:

    Should be an interesting day, but Drew if you want to ride it back mate as it sounds like your hanging out We can just follow behind :wink: looking forward to it either way mate see you at maccas on saturday

    P.S The gear looks real good mate, like the decals on that lid :wink:
  18. Yep i'm eager to ride but i really don' fancy my 1st ride being through/near Melbourne. See how we go on the day though.

    Have you worked out a nice route?? Voyager has metioned he'll join mid trip as he can't get to Cranbourne

    Yeah thought the lid looked good. Missus likes it cause it will annoy the parentals.
  19. Yep ill be there to join you on this momentus event.
  20. cheers mate

    list of people on original post, just so i know who to give directions too!

    actual route should bu up tonight, TAZMAN is devising one as i've got no idea how to get through Melbourne quickly