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[VIC] EPA notices, what happens if you fail?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MV, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. As per the title, if you fail the noise test, can you just pay the fine & ride out or is your bike defected on the spot?


    I suspect you would be defected, but is that actually the case?

  2. Are you talking about:

    - a mobile test conducted by the EPA
    - a test at one of the approved testers (because you got a letter in the mail)

  3. they punch a duck every hour on the hour until you pass
  4. Every time you fail a test they kill another kitten...
  5. just like what happens when you vote. :)
  6. you go to an approved tester and pay arsehole tax to them then if you win they give you a bit of junk saying hippies wont suicide today

    if you lose you fix it and get it re tested and tested again until its legal
  7. Well, more about the test at the approved centre, but both I guess. JK said he has been fined on the side of the road, but did that entail a canary & a follow up test?

    I not a fan of kittens, but I really like ducks, that's really sad.
  8. Interesting question. I would guess that by leaving the testing location you are breaking the law for a second time and subject to a second penalty. The question is, does the tester have an arrangement with EPA for them to follow you up?

    A look at the list of approved testing facilities shows they are mostly commercial car exhaust outlets. For car owners that obviously means a trip to the eftpos machine to pay for it to be fixed on the spot, but they may not have the means of fixing a bike system. Maybe give them a call (anonymous) and run the scenario past them first?
  9. Note the penalty notice says you have 28 days to provide a certificate of compliance otherwise the fine applies. Considering you have to book ahead to have the test done that may not leave you much time to get it sorted if you fail the first time. The wise move would be to return your system to factory specs or go to a motorcycle exhaust specialist who has a db meter to test and sort your system quickly.
  10. Cool, that clears that up. Thanks guys.