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[Vic] Engine number modified

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattb, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. G'day All.

    A mate recently bought a 70s bike from SA unseen, had it shipped, and transferred the rego into his name in Vic. Hence he got a RWC, but didn't need a Vic Roads inspection. Now, the engine number had been changed in a way that was obvious - i.e. it seemed official, or at least there was no attempt to hide the fact: the first three numbers have a cross - large 'x's - stamped over them. He was told the engine was a grey import. He said nothing to the RWC Inspector, who simply ignored the crossed numbers.

    Does anybody know:

    1) If this is some sort of standard practice, done by officials. For instance to give a grey import engine aussie numbers.

    2) And whether Vic Roads is likely to have an issue with it should they ever inspect it (e.g. he sells it unregistered).

  2. Secondhand information, so probably worthless, but I vaguely remember being told that Yamaha used to do something like this to show that major engine work had been carried out under a factory recall program. Apparently it was the only way of telling whether that secondhand XS750 triple you were looking at was going to run for ever or become an expensive nightmare. Maybe other manufacturers did it too.

    Certainly sounds like it's been done for a reason other than to hide a hot item.
  3. Thanks Pat - it is a Yamaha.