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[VIC] End of week ride (Fri 28th July)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by [FLUX], Jul 27, 2006.

  1. This is just a feeler post to guage the amount of interest. I'll formalise this with a calendar posting if there's enough interest (3 or more people).

    It's a lovely day out today, and the Bureau reckons it'll be much the same tomorrow (Friday) before raining on Saturday. I've got family committments on Sunday, so it looks like tomorrow is going to be the one day that I get to ride the machine for pleasure this week.

    So who's up for a ride? Am thinking of starting the ride at 10:30am, which allows me enough time to get to the meet-up point after I drop my daughter off at school.

    Suggested meeting place is the Ferntree Gully 7-Eleven, (Burwood Hwy, next to Jeffrey Honda). Ride will leave there at 10:45am sharp.

    Tentative route will be:
    Frentree Gully, C0ckatoo, Pakenham Upper, Gembrook, Launching Place, Healesville
    Healesville, Toolangi (via Chum Creek Road), Kinglake West (via Mt. Slide), Flowerdale, Yea
    Yea, Molesworth, Acheron, Buxton, Marysville, Narbethong, Healesville

    Should be a good full afternoon of riding in good dry weather on excellent roads suitable for most anyone. Should get back to Healesville for ride break-up by around 4pm.

    So who wants to come?
  2. Latest BoM forecast shows that it's going to be a cracker of a day.

    17C & Sunny, although with a bit of wind later on, but that's no matter, we'll be shielded in the hills by then.

    Going to rain all day Saturday, leaving wet roads for Sunday, and it's forecast to rain for most of next week too. So how about it? Come spend a day of frivolity while the rest of Melbourne is at work.

    Even if you're remotely thinking of coming, please respond and let me know. I don't bite.
  3. Well i got the day of tomorrow. Count me in, if you dont mind me and my smokey bike coming along.

  4. I will possibly be up for this. I've got a party to go to tonight, but haven't decided whether I'll need booze to get through it or not. :LOL:

    If so then I'll still be in bed recovering when u hit healsville. :oops:
  5. Anyone's welcome. As for your smokey bike, since I'll be leading the direction on where to go, it won't bother me. :cool:

    RGV's aren't too bad though. Smelled a lot worse coming out of some 2-strokes.

    Should also be getting a couple of people from OCAU.mc coming along too. I'll now post this up as a calendar event.
  6. i'm very temped mate except for two small problems.

    first is i would need to be back in melbourne (port melbourne actually) by say 4ish pm.

    second is my bike has around 900km on it and it still hasn't had its first service/oil change.. should i lose sleep over that? (will get it done first thing next week.)
  7. ahhhhhh shittttt, i forgot i'm visiting the girlfriend tomorrow as she's getting some medical thing done, how unthoughtful of her to get in the way of a sunny ride day. :p

    i guess i'm out for this one. :(
  8. If you turned left at Kinglake West, at around 2pm when we get there (the ride will be turning right), you'd be back in Port Melbourne by 3pm.

    This is an easy-out option if anyone just wants to come for the first half of the ride. I'll indicate the corner at Kinglake West where people can depart and get home early if they so choose.
  9. Hey Stew, I will be in healsville for lunch tomorrow at 12. So if you will be there at tha time i will join you guys for the rest of the day.

    I pm you with the details.

  10. Hi Stookie. We should be arriving in Healesville (for the first time) at pretty much bang on 12 noon, maybe a fraction later. Will catch up with you then.
  11. Man that's a long ride isn't it? Might see if I can get the day off.
  12. Stage 1 - 91kms (~85mins)

    Stage 2 - 92kms (~80 mins)

    Stage 3 - 101kms (~80 mins)

    ~285kms and about 4 hours of riding, with around 1.5hrs for lunch and stops.
  13. Shoulda known you computer type guys would have it all calculated :wink:

    I haven't ridden in them thar hills much, but I'm cool to play follow-the-leader.

    Now to put the acid on the boss :wink:
  14. Okay, am off to bed. See y'all tomorrow.
  15. Can't come boys & girls, too much to do at work :( Some other time soon :grin:
  16. Well the weather gods have certainly smiled favourably on you, What a beautiful day for a ride. Have a great one!

    :grin: :grin:
  17. Ditto, was going to say the same, what an absolutely awesome day for a ride. Have fun!
  18. was good to catch up with you Stew, it has been a long time ,and it was very good to finanly meat Jay , Lil and the all the others that where there , i hope your ride went well :grin: :grin:

    Cheers Eric
  19. Damn! What a perfect day for a ride, and here I was nursing a hangover all day. :? Got up just in time for Friday night coffee, boy do I need it. :grin: Hope u guys had a great ride.
  20. so did u guys head out for the ride?? What an awesome day of weather :grin:

    I only just read this thread... otherwise I probly would've taken today off work, and should've too coz it was a crap one!!
    Few drinks must be consumed 2nyt me thinks (after I park the bike for the nyt tho...)