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[VIC] end 80 sign

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by simon varley, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. probably a daft question but please humour me as I grew up in England and never took a Vic License test.

    The gravel road I live along used to have a 60/80/100 speed limit as it went out of town, but they just changed the signs and it's now 60/80/end 80.

    so - what's the speed limit after an end 80 sign???

  2. 100 mate
    Thats the open road limit unless 110 is signed.
  3. I believe it's 100 as well but I haven't seen anything to say we are right or wrong.

    Councils seem to be going mad with "End" signs lately.

    Perhaps it's a plot (Pro Pilot you reading this) to stop us actually driving at the 100km/h speed limit by introducing confusion in drivers minds :roll:
  4. cheers guys. that's what I thought, but I wasn't sure. nice to see that someone is spending my hard earned tax dollars replacing a very clear speed limit sign with an ambiguous one that actually means the same thing,

    They also put up a very nice sign telling me that it was a gravel road and that conditions might change without warning. Since I ride a TTR that's what I was hoping for!

  5. The reason they say "End 80" is because they are saying you are no longer limited to 80. So yes, theoretically you can go as fast as you want (up to the state limit).

    Whereas if they had a 100 sign, they would be saying that it is safe to go 100. In this litigious world, that is very different from saying 80 zone ended.

    Its effectively saying, the previous stretch of road was limited to 80, but from here on we may not have surveyed the road ahead so we haev no limit specified.

    That is my bet anyway on why they do this. I've noticed it becoming more common in WA too.
  6. no, they'd be saying 'it's okay to go as fast as the conditions allow up to 100', wouldn't they? just as they're now saying 'it's okay to go as fast as the conditions allow up to 100'. so what's the difference, apart from my taxpayers money?
  7. End 80....... start 150

  8. aaaaamen!
  9. Better than the road safety sign I saw the other day (which has been quickly replace) - SPEED HURTS!

    Hurts??? I thought it was the bike position that was making my back ache but apparently it was speed! :shock: