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[VIC] Election Year - Motorcycling Issues

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Yes

  2. Yes - but I vote Lib anyway

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  3. No - I'll never vote Lib

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  4. No - Minority issues aren't worth voting on

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  1. Like politicians care about us, but no pollie worth his salt is shy of buying votes when it comes to the crunch.

    - Stuff like: Not outlawing lanesplitting (and perhaps legalising it, but that's pushing it)
    - Ditching the levy
    - Ditching FNP's
    - Others

    Liberals need a fair swing to get power, and must be willing to appeal to minority groups on issues that affect them (eg Frankston Feeway) rather than high-level ideological rhetoric.

    I'll disclose: I believe, in the words of Thomas Jefferson "Most bad government has grown out of too much government". IMO both major parties over-govern and make crap laws. So I will vote for whichever one is screwing me less.
  2. Out of my area, Dan, but a good and thoughtful thread, we have an election in 2007, I may borrow it then if that's ok :D.
  3. Bwaaahhhaaaaaa , promise and politician in the same sentence , , i had to check to make sure this wasnt an early Friday funny .
  4. It'd swing me towards voting Liberal but far, far, FAR to much swings me away again.
  5. You need to think smart about this if your vote is to mean anything. If you live in a safe seat, your vote is effectively useless as it will never be enough to bring about a change. governments nowadays do all their big sspending in those areas for that reason. Target seats that are a closer call, but perhaps more importantly, think about taking away the upper house majority. At least that makes them more accountable. You can still elect one party in the lower house, but go another way for the upper house, or support an independent that is friendly to your cause.
  6. Dennis Napthine has taken up the cause concerning WRB's and the $50.00 levy quite often in the past, this may have something to do with his secretary/media liason person being a motorcyclist, so he could be any advantage coming up to a state election.

    Now we have lane splitting and minimum age pillions to add to the ever growing list.
  7. This highlights one of the major problems with the current political system. Parties simply focus on what needs to be promised in order to swing the vote in their favour rather than looking at what is actually best for the state/country. Then of course once they're elected they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want for a couple of years provided they repeat the "sucking up" process again successfully at the next election.
  8. jd you are correct, one of the major difficulties with our electoral system is that minor interest groups tend not to be represented in the lower house only the upper house.
  9. We do however have an Attorney General (Rob Hulls) who has taken to commuting on a scooter daily and will be riding in the Toy Run. Housing Minister Candy Broad is also coming on the Toy Run with a group of friends who all ride.

    I think with enough pressure and a couple of people who understand motorcycling we might get somewhere with all the political parties this time.

    An issue that we've had has been that there was a perception in some Government quarters that motorcyclists groups were close to the Liberal Party and Jeff Kennett :roll:

    I think we need to stress as motorcyclists that our political views cover the whole spectrum of politics and that we are concerned about issues. Motorcycling being a very important one for us.

  10. The MRA had a written promise from Bracksy whilst he was in opposition that there would be no further rollout of WRB's until some research has been done, once he got to power that went by the wayside.

    I trust politicans as far as I could throw Haystacks Calhoun (former wrestler that was seriously obese).
  11. Indeed... I'd vote Lib if they fixed our draconian speed laws too, and adjusted their attitude toward road-safety, not road-revenue.
  12. You're showing your age, mick; the master of the Big Spash passed away in 1989, aged only 55. I recollect that he came to Australia once in the 1960s and Killer Kowalski tried to body slam him, and failed.
  13. Wanna take bets, on once the libs gain power, speed cameras become "Safety Devices" ?