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[VIC] Election year... cof cof.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by fekkinell, Mar 16, 2010.

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  2. Will the price of water reduce now that there is plenty of the stuff? I need to offset the cost of that stupid motorcycle levy somehow.
  3. This comment needs rectification:
    "Easing restrictions just before an election! Don't the pollies get sick of treating the public as simpletons?"

    Rather, the question should be, "Doesn't the public get sick of being treated as simpletons?"
  4. I'm sorry to say but the 'public' (in general) ARE simpletons.
  5. I agree Brumby has become more and more of a crowd pleaser instead of manager/administrator…
    But the alternative is…
    Well there isn’t one because Baillieu is simply a waste of space.
    The only thing to keep politicians in power in line is a strong opposition, and Victoria simply doesn’t have one.
  6. Too true FL.

    Don't suppose you feel like running for office? I'll vote for you. :beer:
  7. +10000 Politics in general seems to be attracting fewer people who wish to serve the public and more show boaters. And state politics is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Come the revolution comrade we will declare the independent country of Victoriastan where all car drivers will be required to give way to motorcycles on all occasions. Special high speed lanes exclusively for motorcycle use will be built. Traffic Police will be required to buy a motorcyclist a beer whenever their paths cross. Motorcycle service charges will be paid for from the public coffers. I can see the future is rosy.

    Sorry, a self delusional fantasy seemed to hit me there for a moment. ;)
  8. OK who saw the story on tv last night about how easily people can coerced into torturing their fellow humans? (Can't give you a link - I was channel surfing).
    What this tells us is that following 'orders' is genetically ingrained in us, and is a more powerful motivator than any level of morality or ethics.

    A large majority of the population need someone to tell them what to do, to guide their decisions and to 'protect' them. They don't actually want to be too free. A small minority with megalomanic traits will always be able to exploit this, it's human nature.

    That is why both major parties are falling over themselves to promise tougher policing, and the public are calling for more and more rules and regulations. Only when the rules start impacting on most people's lives to the point that it hurts will they revolt. Only motorcyclists are close to that at the moment.