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[VIC] Electing one of two options

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Hope this is in the right section

    I'm in a big pickle at the moment, I know it's possible, but really, is it worth it!!

    I have to choose from 1 point for 12 months, or 3 month suspension, then all my points back.

    Has anyone had any luck with 1 point for 12 months? i'd like to see which side it stacks on.

    my step mum keeps insisting i take the 1 point for 12 months, but as she probably never been pulled up in her life, it's easy for her to say. :p

    If i lose the 1 point(or "gain" it) i will lose it for 6 months, i cant live without my license, but i also cant live with 6 months of no license.

    edit: one day I will be thinking, and tell myself "take 3 months" but the next day, it's like.. "take the 12 month 1 point, you know you can" sigh.
  2. I'm in my 3rd month of being on a "0 points for 12 months" thingy. I don't think its that hard. I went over 2.5 years without being pulled over once. Then i lost 6 points in the last 6 months of my p's, and hence am on this stupid restriction.

    Its not too hard. Just gotta drive/ride really carefull. Knowing my luck, i'll lose a point for some stupid little insignificant thing 1 week before i come off the restriction.... If i lose my license i'm gonna move states for 6 months.... :) Then i'll move back and get it again.

    Man i hate vicroads...

    Goodluck either way
  3. can you explain how moving states makes you not lose your license, sounds like a plan.. lol
  4. You still have your licence suspended, and are not permitted to drive in the state of victoria for whatever term. However, nothing stops you moving interstate, transferring your current licence ( before suspension ), and driving there for the duration. :LOL:

    Back in the day it was just your vic licence that got suspended. ( there was no mention of not driving in the state of vic. I drove to NSW, claimed I was living there ( gave my wife's cousin's address ), got a NSW licence, then returned to VIC and drove here whilst my vic licence was suspended. :p :p
  5. What i mean is, before my license is suspended. Drive to NSW/QLD. Use a mates place as residence whilst getitng my license. Get the license, then have the vic one suspended.

    I hope its a good plan. I think its just the vic license that gets suspended.... i hope....
  6. Thats fine as long as u intend to stay in NSW. Wont be any good here as they also suspend you from driving in the state of victoria
  7. Whatever you're planning in terms of interstate moves, you need to take into account the 'Principle Place of Residence' situation. Within 28 days of moving interstate you must change your license/registration etc to that state, or you will be driving/riding unlicensed/uninsured in that state.

    In answer to your main question, I'd take the 3 month's suspension and take some self-discipline classes so you don't have this happen again.
  8. As i understand it (and i may be wrong cos things change so often), but if you take the 3 months, when you go back on the road it's with 0 demerits.
    But if you take the 12 month option, your demerits need to go through the 3 year cycle before they clear.
    If that's the case, then you need to behave a lot longer than 12 months.
    My choice would be to cop the 3 months, get it over with and get back on with your life without it hanging over your head.
    All it takes is 1 camera, 1 stuff up, and you've doubled your time. :evil: sod that.

  9. It is possible to do the 12 months 1 point thing... I've done it.

    But I made an active choice to be *always* travelling 10kph *under* the limit so as to avoid the booked by a camera problem.

    That meant no riding for enjoyment, no driving for enjoyment... just driving and riding to get to places (and as little as possible).

    It means that one can keep basic transport during that 12 months period.

    *edit* I need my license for work and there isn't a lot of public transport up here or I might have been tempted to go with the 3 months suspension option.

    *edit 2* Insurance companies don't like seeing suspensions and will probably bump your premium :(
  10. IF you can last 12 months, then there should be no problem. it is a matter of self control. if you take the three months and then get caught during that time, it is not a ticket and you must go to court. You would face a further loss of licence and there is the possibility of doing time.

    This does not happen generally unless there is alot of prior history for driving whilst suspended/disqualified etc or if the driving is associated with more serious driving offences as well.

    If you can stick within the rules, you're laughing.

    Hope this helps.
  11. There is a way of obtaining an interstate license and not being prohibited from driving within Vic. Always surprises me the huge variations of opinion on interstate license transfers.

    I have a QLD license, and have had for almost 5 years. All my vehicles (5) are registered in NSW. I have no insurance issues, nothing to fear with regard to inference from Police that I have failed to transfer my lic to a NSW one after 90 days of living in NSW and therefore being considered unlicensed.
    If you know how the system works, it is easy to beat. I have been infringed 4 times within 3 years all for speeding, and all offences occured in NSW. If I had a NSW license, it would have been suspended. My QLD license however has 0 demerits recorded.

    You just need to do your homework, read the legislation and work around it. Unless we have a national licensing system (which is probably never going to happen) instead of a state based system, then there will always be a loophole using other states.
  12. The Demerit points listed on the options notice are removed from your record at the end of a Demerits Points Suspension or at the completion of a 12 month ( option 1 ) period.
  13. This is correct! :)
  14. For what it's worth have been in the same possy myself. Orignally thought take the 3 months, ride thorugh it and just behave then I thoght nah lets go the 12 month gig, glad I did as I was pulled over 2 days later by highway patrol.

    Having said that, I still got a camera ticket in the last 2 weeks or wahtever of the year, dumped that point off on someone else and then you start with a clean slate again.

    3 months of public transport I really don't think I could handle anymore.
  15. cheers guys, well I think i will just take the 3 months, Not because I don't trust myself, but i'm over the past, and it can take something like failing to leave signal on long enough, or a canary, etc etc.

    As someone said about previous history, well the only record I have was this careless driving one, i've never had an infringement of any kind, so i'm not sure how bad it'll affect insurance.
  16. I have and would do the 12 months.

    If you cant drive for 12 months without losing a point you don't deserve a license
  17. LOL, you may as well see everyone as a robot

    seriously, cops, fire fighters, ambos, regular joe blow, etc...all would have done something wrong by accident, no one is perfect.

    thought i'd let you know.
  18. You do realise that taking the 3 months will give you a record of suspension on driver history.
    You could be denied insurance for up to 5 years or refused employment in some jobs because of this.

    Think the implications of a suspension before you take it.

    Grow some dicipline and drive careful for 12 months would be the preference.
  19. Im far fro perfect myself but when you need a license for your livelyhood its amazing how careful you can drive making it highly unlikely to loose a point.
    Ive also been suspensed for three months for another mater and going with out a license was far worse for me than being extra carefull for 12 months.
  20. .........