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[VIC] - Eildon

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by javaman, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. A nice follow-up when going to reefton or the black spur.

    From Marysville - Buxton - Taggerty, take left turn to Alexandra. There will be an intersection few hundred meters before a servo, take right hand turn to Fraser National Park (now named Eildon national Park).

    Grippy tarmac, tight corners, very quiet :wink:, and no tree shadows on the road.

    Coming up on roundabout one can explore the launcing ramp, the lake etc. They are 40k zone though very nice roads. Road to Boonie down is gravel after 3kms.

    Return to the direction of Eildon for *really* fast wide sweepers and loop back to Taggerty. On the way from Taggerty to Buxton there is a left hand turn to xx national park (forgot what the name is) which is a piece of straight tarmac going nowhere (gravel at the end of the road). Good for testing max. speed :grin:

  2. Are you thinking of the road into the Cathedral National Park? If so, it doesn't go nowhere, it goes into the National Park! If it's the road I'm thinking of, there are farm properties along there, and you're likely to find traffic in the form of tourists/campers heading in and out of the park. Not the place I'd choose to investigate V-max.

    But as you say...there are lots of nice roads in the Buxton/Taggerty/Eildon/Alex area. Well worth exploring. :)
  3. I think he means SKY LINE ROAD from Eildon

    i ride these on a mthly basis :grin: and the CATHEDRAL there is also GLENDALE LANE to the right heading for Taggerty to Buxton
    that starts bitumen and turns to dirt ,that goes up to the Black Range road

  4. Yes, exactly. Straight road with no intersection, open fields on both side and wide enough. Was about to give the bike "a few" but then I got flat tyre and limping back to Marysville. I got a few $2.00 and $2.40 throughout the day and thought this bit of drag strip err.. road can charge me $2.60.