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[Vic] Eildon - Jamieson Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mothra, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. For those of you who have been put of doing this run by the 14 odd km of dirt at the Jamieson end good news. Just received my rate notice (not so good news) and one of the items mentioned as a priority project for the coming year was sealing the remainder of the Eildon - Jamieson Rd.

    Delivery of said priority project will be another issue I'm sure.

  2. Sounds great! All we need now is to have the Woods Point Road sealed, and that'd make for some fantastic loop variations.
  3. Although this road is twisty I highly recommend against riding a road motorbike on this road.

    Some of the dangers include:

    * fallen trees
    * fallen branches
    * dirt/mud
    * slow moving 4x4 looking for hunting spots
    * wildlife

    If the road is sealed hopefully it is better maintained but for now I'd leave it to the dirt bikes and hunters.

    There is however a lot of good trails if you want to go offroad which a lot of people do.
  4. I agree, but what you described could be transposed onto just about any road, sealed or unsealed, outside the 'burbs :wink:
  5. Yeah but this is one road that is especially dangerous. I've been on many hunting trips in the area and there are parts that are slippery even in a cage in the best conditions.

    Also you'll scare the deer away :p
  6. for me i like the road, but i do get to play on lots of surfaces...
  7. Took my ER6 through there yesterday (27th Jan 2008) and no sign of any commencement of work to seal the 14km of dirt. Actually, it's not so much dirt as rocks and loose gravel -- very scary on a road bike.

    As others have noted, the bitumen sections (33km Eildon end, 20km Jamieson end) of this road are excellent, great fun. It's a pity the dirt section is so poor/dangerous.
  8. Its on the Wellington Shire's agenda to seal the Jamieson - Licola road soon too. (their section anyway) Big tourism push to get it done.
  9. Bah humbug!...

    Get out on the Barry way, on a 600 f4i... 67km of dirt/ gravel/ potholes ... Works best if you stick the leg out motard style... :grin: