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[VIC] eGiste's 29th Birthday , Fri Mar 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: eGiste

    Come and help celebrate the start of eGiste's last year as a twenties something.

    Commencing around 7pm the night will consist of drinks and a BBQ and will run into the wee hours.

    PM eGiste or Seany for the address if you don't know it.

    BYO dri...

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  2. So its as simple as that - just rock up, eat and be merry.

    Hope to see you there.

    (cheers to the mods for deleting the existing thread :wink: )
  3. lol, yeah, flipper already mentioned that.

    Unfortunatly I didn't have to much say in when i was born and I figured that people will just come round to my place after they have had their head shaved and given away all their cash. :wink: :wink: hint. hint.
  4. I'll come along after the Shave for a cure Mark. Anyone who wants to follow me is welcome to. :)
  5. Well you should of told your mum to push a day early back near 29 years ago....always trying to blame some one else...shesh I just don’t get this world anymore :shock: :grin: :p :roll: :twisted:
  6. We plan to be there after the Shave for a Cure at Southgate :grin:
  7. :? Dont you live there? So you wouldn't be coming along, so much as going home :LOL:

    I might be able to make an appearance :)
  8. I should be there Mark :p
  9. Yep, but it sounds like less of a night if say I'd love to help celebrate but will be going home. :? :LOL:
  10. we are hopefully that we will be able to make it, but won't know till friday.

    if not have a great night, as am sure always happens at parties at that place. ;)

    cheers stewy
  11. #12 egiste, Mar 15, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Luckily there is only VlulwicSDhM[/media]]limited photographic evidence of that .... ....

    Will be good to see you guys there. Looks like about 40+ people for dinner and drinks so hopefully a good night !!

    (Also looks like I might have lined up some entertainment of the explosive kind :wink: :-# :-# )
  12. Was hoping to make it to this but simply far too many things to be done today :(.
    :birthday: anyway Mark, hope everyone has a great night.
  13. Hey Mark,

    Happy Happy Birthday again to you mate!
    Last night was a loooooong night for me as i had been in my work heels all day and i was so tired..

    But i still made it and glad i did (even though i looked like the only sober person there lol)

    Hope you had a mad night and kicked on to the wee hours of the morning!
    :woot: :dance: :woot: :dance:

  14. We are now all awake. Please don't speak loudly. :)
  15. Happy bday to you again Marky, had a great night but guess we missed out on the entertainment of the explosive kind :(

    Pics coming soon :eek:
  16. What? who said that :? type softer, my head hurts ](*,) STILL! and its 4.51pm.
    Seems part of the deal with getting older and alcohol is the contract :deal: between your brain and alcohol, needs conflict resolution, which means after :beer: they hate each other ](*,) what brain me hurt no function :tantrum:
  17. heheh i got home and passed out