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[VIC] Easy ride to Yarra Glen- May 25, Sun May 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: GreyBM

    Meeting 9:30 at Macca's
    Southern Road Preston
    (opposite Northland)

    Weather for this weekend looks good, and LizzyM is enthusiastic for some more corners after the Daylesford run last weekend. So LizzyM and I will be heading into the hills around Y...

    ... more

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  2. HI GreyBM

    As myself and Redbull were going to the Daylesford ride and did not, because of family commitments (and whether :( ) And reading that everyone had a great time on this run, we are going to try and make this one..
    But will confirm on Saturday..
  3. Ride

    I'll try to make it, but i have a feeling the missus has planned something ...
    Anyway, if not, i'll be there!
  4. i would like to go so put me down as a maybe at this stage, but can i have a look at a rough route plan?
  5. I was planning on going out the other side of Melbourne, this time.My idea was to head to Healesville via Diamond Creek, Kangaroo Ground, a loop through Warrandyte and Yarra Glen. Then back through Toolangi and Kinglake to Whittlesea. It's a little more challenging than the Dayesford ride but it should be dry roads and I will be taking it slowly.

    Confident riders might like to leave at Healesville and head on up the Spur.

    I should stress that this was a spur of the moment thing rather than an organised ride but I had to put it into the calendar to get my ride entry accepted in the forum.

    I will try to post a map of the route but this will have to wait until I have time to do so. Hopefully before sunday :LOL:

    Important note This is probably a Class 2 ride rather than Class 1 as I accidently posted. If I try to change it I think it will remove it from the calendar and forum so I am leaving it given Sunday is pretty close.
  6. ok sounds like a lot of fun. and i like the idea of the spur. im confident going theough there, but if anyone else and people with experience are wanting to go through there then i will go too... i dont want to challenge it on my own :p
  7. Have fun guys, I can't get there as son has football. Be safe.
  8. Pencil me in at the moment ( I will know tonite depend how hard i work today)), it's nice through there things look good for sunday for me....it'd be good for a nice ride 2 weeks in a row

    Must clean the little lady after last weekends ride :oops: "Looks like I'm cruising on a dirt bike" :roll:

    Even my daughter ask me "Whats happened to your bike dad" :oops:
  9. Bummer! I have golf on Sunday! And it is on my side of town, with MUCH better weather. I'll check , maybe they accidentally left me off the start list at golf, and won't be able to fit me in at this late stage... :roll:
  10. Edit: Official Route posted below

    nice route...it would be hard not to turn off to do that drop down from Kinglake to St Andrews though :grin:

    will try to get there, completely unsure though at this stage.
  11. sounds like fun times - as long as the missus lets me off my leash two sundays in a row [-o<
    daylesford was awesome despite the cold and rain. this time should be even better!

    greyBM - are we meeting at 9.30 or departing at 9.30, in which case arrive a bit earlier?
  12. Morbo28 said:
    It's a nice road and good twisties but in my opinion definitely not for beginners, particularly going down, even though that is on the inside.

    But anyone who tags along is free to leave where ever ever they like. We will probably have a regroup stop at the junction there so if you want to do that road feel free to drop off back to St Andrews down that road.
  13. mr baer said
    Meeting at 9:30 for a 10:00 am start.

    I said Southern Road in the calendar. It's the same road but I think it's actually Murray Road still at that point, but opposite Northlands.

    The ride I have in mind is only about 150 Km but I will be taking it easy so it will take about 3 hours of riding I guess, plus some time for regroup stops lunch etc.

    Will probably have lunch in Healesville, they have more options.

    And after the Daylesford petrol stuff ups, please, please, please arrive with a Full tank.
  14. Okay I'm in 2 sundays off in a row the boss lady has the new Westfield in epping to contend with so rather than drag me kicking & Crying through the shops I can go out on n ride the other baby :roll: :LOL:

    Looks like a good route for the day, can't wait - I will have to wash the baby tonight LATE!!

    See yas on sunday....Mac D's for breaky
  15. 18 and fine... if I can manage, I might just pop along :)

    Nice work with google maps Grey! :)
  16. looks like a good route, i like how there are more twisties... i need the practice.

    and for the record rob, i got my bike repaired (i was the one with the black zzr with the dodgy cam chain). so no more risking a break down this time
  17. easy ride sunday 25 may 08

    yep im in ive missed out for the last 3 thursday rides plus daylesford im not missing this one so NJG your coming
  18. Re: easy ride sunday 25 may 08

    Just got a day pass from the wardon ( er sorry wife :? ) so i shall be there :grin:
  19. Oh, shucks...my tank was full....at the start....bloody heavy pillions. :oops: :oops:

    I might see you guys on route somewhere, since I will probably be out that way at some time. No pillion this time though. :p
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