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[VIC] Easy Beginner’s Ride to Daylesford., Sun May 18th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: GreyBM

    Easy Beginner’s Ride to Daylesford.
    Sunday May 18

    Meeting point: Shell Servo, Westgate Outbound (South side)
    Melways Map 42 H12
    Time: 9:00 am for 9:30 start.
    Please be ready to start with a full tank.

    This will be an easy ride specifi...

    ... more

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  2. Grey, you cool for me to lead, or would you prefer I mentor. PM me.
  3. I will come along for a cruise on this ride too.I am happy to help any of the beginners with advice or answer any questions if asked.Or help in any way needed. :)
    Because this is a ride with beginners,I would think that the group will ride at a easy sort of pace.

  4. I am thinking I might come to this one.

    Any objections if I left halfway through though? Might be tired/sleepy if I stayed too long (I work graveyard shifts).

  5. None at all.

    Just ensure that you let the ride leader and the TEC know before you do, so they don't go back to search for the "missing rider" who is now at home in bed farting and snoring.

  6. just got my bike yesterday so would love to come on this ride. I'll be brushing up on my skills over the next three weeks!
  7. Hey this looks like a great ride to get my wife out on. So we are both definite maybe's. I'll go and sell it to her now....
  8. Just as BM said in the calendar entry, very cruisy, emphasis on the cruis. The route will be ...something like this...

    For the sake of learners, I would recommend a regroup at Bacchus Marsh and I'd probably recommend some quick regroup hold points along the way... I have a few spots in mind... it helps to keep the group together.

    I think BM was a bit optimistic about the timing though... all up, it'd probably take 5ish hours. Now, there's no real lunch available at the chocolate mill - www.chocolatemill.com.au (thank you BB for the choc mill tip off!), so a quick jaunt into Daylesford will be needed for lunch... whether we take the fast track home or reverse the route after that is TBA.

    Note to Learners:

    IMO, I think it's important that learner riders self assess before signing on.

    This will be a cruisy ride, but I think it's very important that the rider is at least comfy going at the speed limits e.g. 100km/h on freeways/straights, and should be able to get around corners at the posted advisory speeds.

    (This ride has quite a few 60 / 70 km/h type posted corners and a couple of 45km/h... with bumps for extra fun.)

    Plus it can get windy on cold days on this particular route.

    Finally, it's not a long ride by experienced riders standard - if you as a learner are flat out concentrating on everything you're doing, you will be mental toast by the end of it.

    None of the above is to scare you, but to give you a practical appreciation.

    Please consider these factors. :)

    I'm looking forward to helping bring up the new crop of NR riders. :)
  9. If you need help, then give me a shout. Very happy to TEC since I need as much practice as possible.
  10. Isle of Cam said:
    We already have about 17 volunteers for TEC. Go to the back of the queue. No wait! That would be making you TEC. Go to the front of the queue. Maybe to entertain the newbies we could have a jelly wrestling competition for TEC.

    You're welcome to join the ride mate, although at this stage I think we have about six or seven experienced riders to every beginner.

    So beginners take note! here is your chance to get some one on six or seven mentoring.

    And chocolate!!!
  11. Nice ride up through there Grey, will there be a meeting point at Bacchus Marsh?
  12. Ned said:
    We will have a few stops to regroup along the way so if you want to join in after the start that shouldn't be a problem. Still working on the exact route but likely stops will be Bacchus Marsh and/or Ballan.

    Give me a pm closer to the day and we will fix you up with a joining point.
  13. Excuse my ignorance -but what is the attraction of being Tail end Charlie? :? :?
  14. I might scoot up the back way (Wildwood, Lancefield, Woodend) and hook up with the rest of you in Trentham if you regroup there, or else I'll meet you at the chocolate mill.
  15. Seeing as it's a "beginner" ride, it wont be as spirited as perhaps other rides. I may come along and just ride with a few of the newbies if needed. Some nice roads through there :)

    TEC duty is just a leisurely cruise at the rear. That said, it wont hurt to have more than 1 holding up the rear end duties.
  16. Rider list:

    (E=experienced. L=Learning/noob/skill growing. ?=Rider experience status unclear)

    Meet point:
    Grey BM (E)
    Robsalvv (E)
    Donski (E)
    Guye777 (L)
    Kwaker750 (E)
    Dannyboy (L)
    Benno (E)
    CJVFR (E)
    TopKat (L)
    Noticably F.A.T (L)
    Goddie (L)
    daryl5412 (E)
    Zilly (L)
    Rod (L ?)
    Gracebeey (E/L)
    Awesome (L)
    LizzyM (L)
    Dougz +2 (E)
    Whippet (E)
    Forrester Neil (E)
    K a r e n (L/E)
    Raven + Pinx (E)
    Mattb(E) + 2-5 (E)
    Bamm-Bamm (E)
    Nin +1 (L/E)
    Endurotour (E/L)
    Chapper (E)
    Rider Chris (L)
    Adamr33 (L)
    Yeowie (L)
    ajl (e)
    Yestin (E)
    The_vampyr (L/e)
    Murph (L)
    Drewballs (E)
    Roderick GI +1 (E)
    Goodcruzn +1? (E)
    Spawn (e)
    Mr Baer (L?)
    Drewballs (E)

    Bacchus Marsh:

    MacManBike (E)

    Caz V1 (E)
    Holster (L)
    Hippo (L)
    Blackfab (E)
    Trinity (L/E)
    Jfitzy (L/E)
    I'm Simon (E)
    Morbo28 (?)
    Gilligan (E)
    NJG (L)
    Redbull r6 (E)
    Lewy Lewy (E)
    Rom Rom (L)
    Jorge K (L)
    Ricardo (E)
    Lefty (E/L)
    Zilly (L)
    ZX9A6 (E)
    Oz650r (E) (Bacchus Marsh)
  17. I'll be along too Rob. Meet at Todd rd.

  18. Add me to the list please, i have been riding since Aug 07 (L'S) and would like to join in this ride, i am in Epping at would meet at the shell servo - the ring road should warm up the bike before heading up.

    One question - Are cruiser bikes welcome or just racing bike, just I apparently ride like an old lady :roll:
  19. I do not mind being TEC because then I have a legitimate excuse for being so slow. I also take such bad lines into the corners, if I am the last bike then no one elses is able to see and take the piss out of me.