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[VIC] Eastside Movie Night - 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', Tue

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: black betty

    What: ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’
    When: Tues 5th May
    Where: Chirnside Park

    6.45pm session

    Readings Cinema
    Cnr Maroondah Hwy & Kimberley Drive
    Chirnside Park

    Mel 37 F5

    Tickets $10 ea

  2. Won't be able to make this one... :)

    Have fun.
  3. We miss you 2 .........

    Aim to be there by 6pm for a quick bite first. Hope to see you there :grin:

    Note - this is tues week May 5th
  4. I might tootle over, saw the shorts. Looks like a good one.
  5. I might wander along - put some faces to usernames!

    So what's the process - rock up 6ish and look for the group of bikes?
  6. Bikes get parked on the footpath infront of the theatre, beside Bonavita Restaurant.
    We'll be inside at a back table along the left wall. Grab your ticket first.
    I could say we all look like our avatars ... but that's just wishful thinking :wink:
  7. Amazing, my avatar looks just like me, Hahahahahaha
  8. really?! is that your bike too?! :p
  9. No, Thats one of those ones at the super market you put money in to have a ride, Hahahahahá,
  10. Yeah I really wish I looked like my avatar, wish I rode like her too!!! :roll:

    Sharing Vegie pizza?
  11. Yep - might need to order for us, as some of the young girls are being picked up at 5pm :)
  12. and it had 12" risers? :p
  13. how young are we talking here? i might be able to help pick up :p

    hopefully make the night :)
  14. For the right price - they're yours :wink:
  15. Of course, Who would put 12 inches risers on a road bike, Hahahahahahahahaha


  16. Whats the right price, hahahahahahahahaha

  17. At last it's Hughday!
  18. JJJ hated it. They did say however that if you're a fan of Hugh's abs, you're in for a treat.
  19. I'm a fan of all of Hugh's body parts :grin:
  20. The Sv's been out for a run & hasn't been put to bed, so may just bring it along :wink: