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[VIC] Eastside Movie night 'Watchmen', Tue Mar 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: black betty

    What: ‘Watchmen’
    When: Tues 10th March
    Where: Chirnside Park

    7.30pm session

    Readings Cinema
    Cnr Maroondah Hwy & Kimberley Drive
    Chirnside Park

    Mel 37 F5

    Tickets $10 ea

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  2. Should be there from 6pm to have a bite to eat first. Look forward to seeing you there :)
  3. But you wont see me there ;)

    I'll be seeing it in the huge Vmax the same night :grin:
  4. I know ............

    So we have a choice folks - to join Booga or Black Betty - decision, decisions :LOL:

    What session time you going to Dave :)
  5. Well Pia and I were thinking the 6:15 session, but we weren't sure if we should book...
    But then again no-one should talk through the movie, only at dinner afterwards :p
    But then, mines not an official movie night, yours is ;)

    So book if you like, or not, but if anyone else is coming we can meet up for a bite to eat after... mmmm... Salsa's or Nando's :grin:
  6. I don't mind if we share our movie night - specially 'cos originally was gonna be there & then :wink:
  7. Robin's comin with us :)
  8. Mrs Scumbag and I will be with Donna at Chirnside.
  9. 4/5 on JJJ - looking forward to the comparison reports with the other lot :)
  10. I really enjoyed it. The reviews told me to expect something incredibly heavy and confusing, but I think those reviews were written by Family Guy fans who need everything rammed down their throat three times before they get it.

    It's a dark, grubby, fetishistically filmed vigilante/superhero movie with boobs, bums and glowing blue weeners agogo. There's some truly excellent violence, some brilliant dialogue, plenty of chuckles, awesome visuals, a very coherent alternate world, a superhero rooting scene (AT LAST! YAY!) and an intriguing ending. It's long, but it's beaut.

    Get some watchmen up ya. :)
  11. Yes - it certainly had alot to offer - sex, violence, rock 'n roll (well, the soundtrack anyhows) but it is long. Can understand why tho' as there was alot of story to tell. I give it a 3/5

    a bonus was the 3 previews we saw:

    1. Terminator
    2. Wolverine
    3. Star Trek

    looks like a few more movie nights upcoming :)
  12. Did someone say 'long'? Phnarrr.....
  13. and it glows in the dark :shock:
  14. Only 3/5 BB ? !!

    I would give it 4/5, and would have given it more (4.5/5) if they made better use of the storyline potential. I mean, the thing that the bady did, the blue guy could have just reversed, but let everyone remember how bad it was, so the lesson was learnt. Or he could have just acted more like a superhero.

    But otherwise the characters were brilliant. Damaged, resentful, brave, cruel, caring, and hateful. The movie had the feel of the era the characters were created (1940s and 50s), while being set in the 1980s. It worked well.

    It had some nifty gadgets as well. Loved the updated version of a shaggin wagon. :grin:

    But there was an aweful lot of stuff in there, and it will need to be watched on DVD (or Blu-ray) several times to get it all.
  15. I nearly went 3.5 - but it dragged a bit for me. Yes, it will need to be rewatched to actually take in all that it had to offer, but don't think I can do it. Maybe if they'd spilt it into 2 (shorter) parts it would have had more of an impact. Plus - less talk, more action :wink: