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(Vic) Eastlink - Will you pay Toll or Avoid Using

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, May 23, 2008.

  1. If I have to pay a toll I will never use Eastlink

  2. If I have to pay a toll I will use it only in an emergency

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  3. I can save just as much time by not using Eastlink

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  1. As many will be aware - the Sunday Herald Sun raised the issue of motorcycles and Eastlink last weekend. The sugestion was that riders are upset at the thought of having to pay tolls.

    This set off a chain of events. So far, I haven't got the feeling that riders in Vic are too worried about whether they will have to pay tolls on Eastlink. I, in my MRA capacity am communicating with Connect East on behalf of riders. What I would like to know is - do I need to try and negotiate a better deal for riders? Or are most of you just going to avoid using Eastlink if you have to pay tolls?

  2. Why the negative Poll?

    You are 1 poll option short.
    Some of us will pay for the convienence (and safety) of less traffic lights :)

    The other question is should we be paying 50% or less. 20% would be better.
  3. If most intend to avoid using Eastlink so as not to pay a toll, isn't it in the commercial interest of the operator to lower it to an acceptable level? I doubt they (or the government) will be swayed by our outrage, but frame in terms of NO income from bikes (as opposed to SOME, if the toll is low enough). That might get their interest. And don't forget to tell them that oppressive police targeting of riders is driving bikes off the tollways!
  4. stupid poll.

    "I am happy to pay the Toll as I feel the benefits for my use and travel are well worth it"
  5. How will the tolls be applied? Will there be an Etag? Or just take a pic from the rear? Which ever way I can see it quickly being applied to Citystink as well.
  6. Correct on both counts. It will use image recognition to 'read' the digital image of your rear plate, and apply a fee to the account you will need to set up. This is already available for cars on Citylink, with an additional 50c (?) fee. The additional fee will be waived for bikes.
    As soon as the system is up and running on Eastlink, it will be put into operation on Citylink as well, I read somewhere.
  7. Er - I now have anembarrassed look on my face :oops: :oops:
  8. Call me old school whatever, but

    when Westgate bridge was tolled, I would not use.

    Shittylink - bike only...car = toll = never

    Ringwood to Frankston Feeway = tolls = never use

    In any case, we as taxpayers have paid sufficient taxes from general taxes thru to all the various specific taxes on operating motor vehicles that we should have the most perfect, streamlined, billiard table smooth, uncluttered, road system in the world with plenty of change left over to appease the public transport zealots.
  9. Just like they do in Florida and many other US states and countries. Oh hang on I've paid tolls there too :eek:

    It looks like if drivers want the best roads we have to pay to use them regardless of Gvt or private construction.

    Refusing to pay for the sake of refusing to pay, makes you a zealot too :LOL:
  10. i live in mulgrave, slap bang in the middle of the eastlink corridor and i would rather eat my own excrement than pay 50% toll on it, i have an etag in the car and will use it for work purposes (i claim it all back from work) but no way will the thieving bunch of assholes get money off me for the bike, if it were 25% i would seriously consider it but 50% - no farking way
  11. modded no plate so it is clearly visible to following cars, but invisible to gantry cameras.

    Think ventura rack/bag. and raised no plate.

    Has worked in regards to police for past 2 years, (diff bikes) and I reckon I could use eastripoff for free!.
  12. Until behaviour like this gets the police to do a blitz on us all and delay us more while they make sure we are all on Roadworthy Bikes.
  13. Sometimes peter some things are best left unsaid.
    Unless you speaking hypothetically about yourself.
  14. There should beanother question added to the poll.
    1. How many riders will obscure their plates before entering Eastlink. :grin:
  15. http://www.walk.com.au/pedestriancouncil/Page.asp?PageID=1174

    Have a read, especially the penalty.
  16. Why would we read anything from the pedestrian council?
  17. i'll edit the relevant bits. above

    Whats the problem with where I sourced it from?

    The fact that it states the penalty, and provides a description, was what I was after. Not a puritanical reaction to using a source which may or may not be in the favour of Netrider re: the whole front number plate thing.

    Doesn't worry me one bit, but if a new member comes in and goes wow this is the done thing, and doesn't realise the penalty(I never realised it was 3 points!), it would not be fair to them.
  18. But I'm all for speed measuring devices.

    Why does a radar detector become and anti-speed measuring device?

    It's a speed measuring device. :?
  19. Instead of quoting Scruby can you find the real relevant bits from victorian law?
    I'm pretty sure I don't recall reading in the statutes smearing your numberplate with toothpaste is illegal.
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