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[Vic] Eastlink Greed Camera Locations

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Just received this in my Inbox.

  2. I think im with everyone when I say -

    You'd have to be a moron to speed on that fway. Its riddled with cameras...what did you expect really, Vic has the most speed cameras than any other state. They make the most revenue from speeding fines....The pity is, that if people did actually stopped speeding, the government would deem them a waste of money, and not install more, but society is not smart enough to work that out, and yet, we give more of our money to them, and they will gladly keep taking it.

  3. It could be dangerous to assume those listed are the only ones...
  4. But see on inspection, you can get fined for one of those.

    I've been thinking about a system that sits away from the number plate, but can actuate to obscure it from out of the ducktail above it or something. Complete non-issue from an inspection point of view, but still does the job.
    No blueprints yet... but it's the dream.
  5. That's a fact. I've spent a week in NSW and the ACT and they actually tell you a camera is ahead! They make it very clear one is on the road ahead and give you the time to slow and avoid making a donation. Bloody brilliant and you can't claim they are there to purely collect revenue when only an idiot would ignore the multiple signs leading up to the cameras.

    How this fhucking government can continue to defend it's behaviour is a mystery to me.
  6. I discovered that a fortnight ago when I rode up North to Sydney. It's bloody brilliant!
  7. Yep! I never thought I'd say this of people that consider rugby to be a football sport, but they got that sh1t worked out. :)
  8. Did you find as I did Deyago, that on certain roads people were ALL doing 130-140k's and were perfectly safe? I didn't see cars flying off the roads and people's heads exploding because they were 3 k's over the Greed Limit. Maybe it was because drivers weren't constantly having to watch their speedometer's and could concentrate on the road?

    Then along comes a Greed Camera sign and all would slow down, recheck their driving conditions and then speed up again? I thought it was the safest I've felt in heavy freeway traffic for a long long time.

  9. Only if they can figure out what it is... I'm sure we can forge a system ourselves that flips plates, but thru a means that only we are privy to. Perhaps time to turn dreams into reality!
  10. heading from Gosford to Sydney, i was doing 140-150km/h, following a marked cop, at a safe distance. surrounding traffic was ALL doing above 120. i had one or two likeminded cars following me.

    best escort ever :p

    but yeah. everyone was driving sensibly and safely, no swerving or random/rapid movements, plenty of indicators, all that jazz.
    cops didnt care.
    well except for the guy doing like 180... that differential speed stood out, so he got pulled over :LOL:
    we all got where we were going that bit sooner :)
  11. Well they've obviously built a very dangerous road, hence the need to throw on so many speed cameras in an effort to keep us safe.

    If this new road is in such bad condition that you are likely to fly off it into a tree or something the instant you go slightly over the speed limit, I think I'll probably just have to avoid using it entirely. And to think they want to charge you a TOLL for using such a dangerous road....wow.
  12. Yeah pretty much. Although last weekend was double demerits so people were being pretty careful. Our ford Courier couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding so everyone was passing me anyway. Coming back into Vic to see point to point cameras along the hume, camera all over the ring road, cameras on the Westgate....What have we allowed these politician pricks to get away with?
  13. Been thinking of something like this, certain ducktails do this natrually when an eliminator is used :twisted:

    EDIt: but law only requires that the plate be viewable from 20 feet behind the vehicle and to certain degrees of view side to side. (or there about of, a friend was done for having a towball on a vehicle that obstructed the number plate)