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[VIC] Eastlink barriers below standard

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Who did the audit on the project before it was opened to the public and if this doesn't comply with the current reg's how did it pass??
  3. And this was one of the first questions we put to Vic Roads yesterday.

    The straight answer is that the person used by Connect East to do the audit possessed a Vic Roads accreditation, which means that they weren't necessarily appointed by Vic Roads directly, but employed by Connect East to do the audit.....

    The auditor may have had the qualification to say the road complied, but certainly no qualification in relation to M/C (it would appear).

    It is clear that Connect East have taken the cheapest approach. A few months ago they were being castigated for using sub-standard steel in their armco barriers - it was below spec in thickness by a few thou.

    As for the WRB they are using, I would have thought that Brifen had the patent. The WRB they are using looks like a sub-standard Chinese copy - certainly not certified by Vic Roads or compliant with the trials done by MUARC many years ago.
  4. Amazing. Given the amount of 'safety cameras' I would have thought they would do everything possible to ensure nobody got hurt on this road.

    Perhaps they are just chasing the bucks and aren't trying to protect road users... who wodda thunk it?
  5. But they have! If nobody speeds, there won't be a single accident on Eastlink. Ever! So it doesn't matter if the guarding is inadequate.

  6. But thats the point you see - they've got so many safety cameras, which apparently make the roads safe, so they could line the sides of the roads with javelins, ravenous crocodiles and bubbling lava moats, and it wouldn't matter at all. The cameras will keep us safe, don't worry!
  7. Unless the lava moats caused the crocs to leap onto the road and cause an accident,.,,,,

    Ooops sorry, me bad. The speed cameras would ensure everyone was slow enough to avoid the crocs wouldn't they???
  8. there you go
    a REAL reason to protest rather than the bullshit DC protest.
    Why should motorcyclists pay for a road made unsafe for motorcyclists?
    Hell no we won't pay.
  9. Here's a better photo (taken by John k) of the end treatments...

    the thin "knife blade" on top looks very nasty.

  10. So if the WRB's & Guard Railing used doesn't comply with VicRoads standards why is the road still open to the public and why was it opened in the first place if the problem was known in advance.

    Remember the whole thing was built, like the Saturn rockets on the Apollo moon launches, by the cheapest tenderer. How long until we get a Burnley Tunnel style leak.
  11. Remind me again what it was that we need Vicroads for? I mean other than to take our money.

    As it's a 'private road' owned by a 'private consortium', at least they can be sued into oblivian if anybody were to come to grief. Or is the loop-hole Connect East are jumping through bigger than it appears?
  13. If Feastlink gets a Burnley tunnel style leak I think the barrier problem will be the least of our problems. :LOL:
  14. If it's a private road does that mean Eastlink gets all the speeding fine revenue from it? If not then surely if the Government is willing to enforce safety on that road, they're ultimately responsible for it as well.
  15. Careful...we are delving into the land of Nod, now...
    It's a public road...paid for by public funding, that lays on public land - that is merely, under management.(OR am I wrong?)

    Yet Vicroads (a govt body, which I assume is there to serve the puuubliiic) is not responsible?
    They can play "duckshove it" till the cows come home or we all just eventually shut up and go away...

    Heck!...I wanna a job like that!..absolutely no accountability for anything I do, even though that what I'm paid to do...bewdie!

  16. On the channel 2 news the eastlink droid being interviewed said that the WRB's built on Eastlink met with Vic roads requirements.

    That was a direct quote so maybe one of the MRAV peoples should get a transcript of that interview from the ABC.
  17. To my understanding it is a private road that is governed by all local State laws that are enforceable by Vicpol.

    Once the 30 something year "lease" is up then the road is handed back to the people and it becomes a public road.

    VicRoads would have been consulted by Eastlink to ensure that the infrastructure that was installed would meet with State requirements and regulations.

    I'd be surprised if the barriers did not pass the requirements.
  18. One would be expected to, I s'pose. But who knows what went down. After all, how may building permits get approval when clearly shoddy work is being done?

    Anyway, Vic. What happened to your head. You been on the piss or something???
  19. received this from Marcus Wigan re the protest...

    ...I did my best yesterday at Frankston, to make a couple of key messages clear

    1) support All and ANY of the m/c related groups.. join, be active, vote and make your voices heard.. or no one will listen for long: motorcycles are very low of most agendas.

    There are good people in ALL these groups, trying really hard, but not always getting this across very well to their members. This includes Ulysses, VMAC, MRA, Damien, Melbourne City Council - even VicRoads - and the list goes on and on.. motorcyclists in Victoria are particularly vulnerable - and worried - when the communications fail.

    2) the government is sometimes very inconsistent - it uses $3.5m for a mc/serious crash or fatality when it want to justify safety measures they decide that they want (FNP is a famous example) .. but when it comes to supporting a major opportunity* to show they actually mean it - like picking up the tolls for m/.c on Eastlink to stop them passing through very large numbers of dangerous intersections, they are spectacularly silent.... (and I left the WRB barrier issues to other speakers.... I didnt want to wear out my welcome by speaking too long....

    Comments: Having ridden down Eastlink now, you will all have seen that the WRB posts are left UNcapped (and thats required in VicRoads own Standards as far as I know) so if - as the MD of Eastlink confidently claimed on TV last night 'the wrb passed all VicRoads checks and the Independent reviewers check"-**- one MUST conclude that they might not actually have done a few of these checks...
  20. Those WRB end points are so bad I can only laugh at them. :shock:

    When WRBs were originally installed in Australia, the wire cables were attached to solid vertical end posts. This created an uproar, because the end posts were more dangerous than what the WRBs were supposed to be protecting motorists from. Armco barriers have always had curved and collapsible end points, so that impact energy would be absorbed in any end on collision.

    The solution for WRBs was to remove the end posts, and slope the cables down to end points at ground level. If a car then hit the end point, it would be flipped over, rather than just crash into a solid object.

    There should be records of this development for WRBs somewhere.

    There is no way those WRBs meet standards, or else the standards have been serverely modified since the early deployment of WRBs.

    Those H posts need to be removed ASAP, and the slope of the WRB end points looks wrong as well, as does having the posts near the end stick up above the wire. Or better still, they should be replaced by proper armco barriers with bottom protection rails.

    Stupid Eastlink, Vicroads and politicians.

    PS: Grasss is already growing between the road surface and the concrete footings of the WRBs? This road will be lucky to last the 30 years before it becomes ours, and we have to pay for it to be fixed. :roll: