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[VIC] Easter Road Blitz Well Under Way

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. The Blitz has started!
    Did Marysville loop this morning (yes my weekend started early!) and our shy friends already have a good presence on both Spurs.
    They even had stealthy (black unmarked police bike) out which had a car pulled over near Woori Yallock.
    And the State coffers will be going Ka-ching Ka-ching all weekend!!!!!!!!!

    I was (painfully) a very good boy......:angel:

  2. ... but just think of how safe you'll be. :p
  3. and the Kittens!
  4. i saw 3 unmarked(one purple... ewww) and a marked on the spur, i turned around halfway and headed back to healesville. Run down chum creek road was great though.
  5. what a bunch of pricks. shouldnt esp and side curtain airbags be enough?

    go find my stolen pushbike!!!!
  6. They started harrassing everyone here on Tuesday. Today I saw a camera operater (I wasn't speeding cause it's dumb to do that in W'bool over Easter) and thought I'd play the bogan yobo and slow down so I could give him the finger and yell "F**koffyacarn!" ....When I got close I realised it was a girl and very young so possibly new to the job. In light of that, I gave her the finger and yelled "F**koffyacarn!" After all, not to do so would have been sexist. Plus she is a c*** for taking on that job and thus I do want her to f**k off. :)
  7. And tomorrow they'll be on Chum Ck in Camo gear with cameras and dildos. This is the internet!
  8. saw a motorcycle cop in eltham today roll down the foot path from well behind a hedge in a side street, straight across two lanes of traffic and turn right no warning what so ever he barely even looked.
  9. Haahahaha that story was hilarious! id love to see that happen infront of my eyes.
  10. Was she hot, cause you know... could've chatted her up and distracted her.
  11. Yep, cops everywhere.
    Did the Z owners ride to Donny Brooke for the Children's Hospital Appeal with the following:

    1 bike, two patrol cars on Eastern Fwy (One hiding behind trees with radar gun)
    Two patrol cars on route to Donny Brooke (Ring road and Hume Fwy)
    Two patrol cars and a couple of bikes on way home via Arthurs Creek, Hurstbridge, Kangaroo Ground and Warrandyte....

    So be aware they're everywhere.....
  12. Further update HERE

    It happened outside a cemetery - don't know what that was all about...

    Sure proves that our erudite Cops are floundering........
  13. ye saw it on the news also, seen that they where OMC, never good to see news like that regardless of who they are
  14. And today another one - WTF is going on people?????

    Hit a tree and then a parked car in Newcombe Crt, Wantirna, about 11am today.
  15. easter break...at least 3 motorcyclists dead already...sad.
  16. sad to say, it wont be the last
  17. Less than 100m from home as well according to Ch7 News tonight.

    Stand by for a bike focused blitz as a result of the start to the Easter weekend.