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[VIC] East-hills road report 30.08.2013

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by BitSar, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Rode most of the usual suspects today out East.

    • Kangaroo Ground --> Kinglake = Peachy - no issues
    • Healesville --> Marysville = as above
    • Marysville --> Lake Mountain = Dodgy. Lots of clay, stringy bark and loose top surface - had the front wash out and rear let go a number of times
    • Lake Mountain --> Reefton = Abysmal. Reefton is covered in loose gravel, stringy bark and general detritus.
    • Warburton = All good, no problems here.
    Mr. Plod was hiding on the high side coming out of Kinglake getting riders coming from the Healesville side.

    Into Healsville were two mobile speed cameras.

    First warm day for a while and VicPol hear the cash register.
    I imagine they will be out in force tomorrow too.
  2. NB** Date in title should read 31.08.2013 - As in today - Saturday

    Can this be updated?
  3. I went through the Reefton today around 4pm.

    A tree has fallen into the road taking out the whole left lane (downhill towards Warburton), it's about 2/3rds of the way down.

    It is easy enough to drive around it, however if there was a nice 4WD or something coming up at the same time you might have to E-BRAKE

    By the same token if you're heading up towards Marsyville, look out in case something crosses the centre line into your lane to avoid it.

    Hopefully the SES or vicroads will remove it soon.
  4. Where does he hide. I usually come from Healesville and people flash their lights so I know he's there but I haven't seen where. (Known for a while they can be there so I take it easy.)

  5. On this particular occasion he was on the right hand side of the road on the apex of a left hand bend heading out of Kinglake.

    The corner is slightly up hill from both directions and very wide - we couldn't really see him until the last moment. He was positioned on a "service road" type embankment which had a couple of private driveways spill onto it before joining the main road - the service road was unsealed.

    Mr. Plod was sitting in the trees on the service road facing the oncoming traffic coming through the corner from the right - making it a right hander from their perspective.
  6. Most of these roads are up there on my favourite places around east of Melbourne. I love Reefton and agree that it has a surface that appears to break away with stones - probably the parts that were resheeted after the fires. Usually working the ride and not looking for Mr Plod. Thanks for the heads up BitStar.

    Is there a forum where we can suggest our favourite bits of bitumen (or dirt) and give it a rating? I'd like to read about roads in other places, for future riding.

  7. http://www.motowhere.com/
  8. Thanks BitStar. I'll check out. If you rode in order of your listing, you would have done a clockwise circuit, coming down the Reefton. I have only gone up it. But I guess the easterly ride up from Marysville would be great too. As I've only gone down that one.
  9. Correct. We did Reefton "backwards"

    It's not as nice, or straight forward, the way we did it. Although, the other roads on the way over make it worth doing it in this direction.

    Also, on a better day, with better road condition we'd usually do a couple of runs up and down.
  10. Have people seen the new speed camera on the Maroondah Highway Lilydale in the 50 zone at the level crossing?

    I don't think its live yet, but it will be soon enough.
  11. I'd recommend avoiding the Reefton Spur this weekend folks.

    I've just done it and it's covered in shit.

    Couldn't count the number of times I nearly lost it hitting sticks in corners.

    Scared the living crap out of me.
  12. Thanks JMC. I'm itching to get back onto it, even if it is on my sewing machine!
  13. a few trees down this morning, one on chum creek, on the left going up and another just out of woori yallock heading to healesville. and branches and bark all over the place. speed camera in st andrews for the market
  14. Seems to be a bit of an enforcement blitz on today, have seen the 2 KTM motards plus a hwy patrol around Gembrook. Launch -gembrook rd specifically :(
  15. What were they up to? hiding in bushes with radars or what?
  16. The bikes where cruising Launch-Gembrook rd and the hwy patrol car was parked on/over the traffic island opposite the end of launch-gembrook where it hits the main rd in Gembrook. Maybe trying to point his car mounted radar to catch people coming into town over the limit? Dunno, was a weird place to park though
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  17. he was in Woori Yallock this morning. Just past the shops looking down the hill on the Healesville Rd.
  18. According to vicroads traffic website traffic alerts, Reefton Spur is closed this Saturday and Sunday for an event, and Eildon Jamieson Rd will be closed on Sunday.
  19. On the Reefton today


    Pretty clean other than that..
  20. The Lycra have the entire Great Alpine Road region closed just for them this weekend. Very angry, as I had a 3 day weekend planned riding up there. I will now ride to work along StKilda Rd on the pushie tomorrow at 2km/hr causing a lyrca jam in my one man silent protest!