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[Vic] Early morning spurs run, Wed 10 Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Tiga, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. So the weather is forecast to be a little hot tomorrow but given that I now need to be back at work on Thursday and not next Monday I'm not going to let that stop me. So the plan is a nice early start with all the riding to be done by brunch at 11:30am.

    1st meeting point: 8:45am at the Warandyte car park DIRECTLY opposite the pub, Melways ref F11.

    Route: Warandyte, Kinglake, Chum Creek, Healsvile

    2nd meeting point: ~9:45am at the Ampol/Caltex (I think the name changed recently).

    After this I'm pretty much just planning on doing a couple of laps of the spur, or maybe heading up to Lake Mountain. If anyone joins me and has a preference then I'm easy.

    Riding to be done by about 11:30am with brunch planned for the Healsville bakery.

    Hope to see some of you out there
  2. I will try to be at the Caltex tomorrow morning and do the laps of the spur with you and maybe else where if I can get away from the roadhouse. I haven't been towards Lake Mountain as yet and would enjoy the Ride. I might be a tade late. if so, I will keep an eye out for you on theroad. Cheers till tomorrow. Ray
  3. I plan on leavin greensbourough at about 9 then via st andrews, kinglake, myers creek road :grin:
  4. I'm a possible for the Caltex meeting point.
  5. dam got to work tommorow
  6. if i can get up early enough
    would like to join you guys for this ride
    before going to work.

    certainly do not wait a single second for me at either start point
    as it may be necessary to sleep in.
  7. i think i'll join you at the caltex.
  8. Damn, I really wish I could go since I'm on holidays and starting to get back into the swing of things. But I got into trouble yesterday with my dear ole mumsy due to a messy house and no work done on the garden :evil: :? I thought I could sneak out for 1 day thinking that she wouldn't come over. :cry:

    Have fun guys ](*,)
  9. Nooooo, come on, you know she won't mind!
  10. Thanks for an excellent morning folks. As always the spur was great fun, although I was surprised at the traffic during our first run. Ray you've got a fantastic spot for a Roadhouse/cafe and your bacon and eggs totally hit the spot after a morning on the bike. Also, thanks for the riding tips I was working on my lines on the way home (and my visor technique :p ).

    Firefling and the_brick it would have been great to have you along. I'm sure there will be a next time :)
  12. I didn't see this til now. I rode for a couple hours today wishing I had 'somewhere to go' DOH :cry: Oh well, I would've just held you up in my current situation. I am going to meet some 675 owners tho tonight. Finally get to see a 675 on the road 'in action' besides mirrors on shops when I go past them. heh.
  13. You didn't go through the black spur did you? I saw a grey one go by while we were at Ray's.
  14. Hope every one got home Safely...I enjoyed the short time I had to ride. We will have to do it again some time soon. :grin: After 6 is a great time to travel up here as the traffic is minimal I will post a pm ride of the spur soon as I am able to orginize the Free time..If anyone else would like to post it, feel free. After 6 there is still a couple of hours of good light and it is a bit cooler. Once again,thanks for the Ride. Cheers Till next time Ray
    PS Keep up the good Visor work Tiga :roll:
  15. Wasn't me, pretty much just stick local whilst I'm still in healing mode. But I just did get back from Cranbourne area not too long ago :grin:
  16. Thanks for the day,returned home via kinglake st andrews :grin:
  17. I took my little brother for a diffeent sort of a ride yesterday (bicycle) and as we were crossing the freeway near Middleborough road who should I see????

    A lovely red 675 with a Tiga on board! :wink:
  18. That might be oldman on his grey 675
  19. I WISH!!!