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[VIC] Early morning King Lake/ Chum Creek ride, Sun Aug 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tiga (Katherine)

    This is for all of those people like me, who seem to have a full weekend coming up already and only a few hours early on a Sunday to sneak in a quick ride.

    Route: Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, Paton Hill, St Andrews, Kinglake, Toolangi, Chum Creek R...

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  2. Sounds good, I'll try to be there!
  3. Interested. How long would it take from Healsville back to town? about 1 hour or am I dreaming?

    Shall confirm later this week.
  4. If you ride straight back along the Moondarah Hwy it's only 1hr 15mis to the city centre. If you come back via Warrandyte with the group I'd allow a bit under two hours. I think we should reach Healsville by 10:00am (probably a bit before)
  5. OK put me down then. unless it rains yet to ride in heavy wet conditions, not going to start on the twisty stuff.
  6. Ah that would be fun. It's the exact route I use as my after work race track. :LOL: I think it'll be somewhat way too early for me though so I'll just wish you all a safe and happy ride. :)
  7. It's a bit of an ask for me to expect my arse to be out of bed that early on a sunday :roll:

    Alli and I will probably pass you on your way home, we will be heading out at about 11ish.

    Cya's out there :)
  8. Just had a look at the weather maps and it looks like it'll be a good day. I'll be there.....even if it is that early :shock: :p :grin:

  9. This should work for me....I finish overnights at 730am in Doncaster, so may be there. That gives me enough ttime to duck home for change of clothes and vehicle.

    WOOOHOOOOO!!!! An early ride I can make it to!!!!

  10. Would like to come for ths ride as I am yet to venture this far.

    Hopefully I will wake up in time, hope to c u there.

    One question - is the meeting place by the river, across the road from the pub there, just after the roundabouts?????

  11. if the weather is anything like last sunday morning i will be there !!!
    was up and gone by 7am last sunday got home at midday
  12. it's the car park directly opposite the pub. On a nice day, you can sit in there, have a nice cup of something and admire your bike...
  13. I'll be up for this ride as long as I can drag my ass out of bed early enough.. Is anyone else from the SE suburbs planning on going and interested in meeting up for the ride over?
  14. Don't blame you, It would be some what way to early for me if I had any other options :p
  15. Cool, would love to see you there :grin:

    You must be looking forward to summer, with lots more people happy to get out and about early
  16. I shall attempt to join you :) , I am a morning person, just a little wary of the St Andrews kinglake section, dropped my bike last year comming back from the pink ribbon ride some where along that neck of the woods.
  17. you can follow me in if you like just pm me for time and place.
  18. Maybe it will be good to get ride of the ghosts of the past :)

    You can always take it nice and easy. IMO only stupid people ride at there limit on that road.
  19. Looks like there may be a decent turn out.

    If more than 7 people show up I'll take the role of TEC

    Anyone who is a confident rider and would like to take ride leader position feel free to nominate yourself :grin:
  20. I'm keen to go on this ride, I'll be happy to TEC :)

    Fuzz has seen how bad my sense of direction is.