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[VIC] Dyno Day, Sat May 16th ** Cancelled **

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: mark

    To be held at Madaz performance 10/76 Rushdale St, Knoxfield, Vic, on 16th May, 2009. Contact Madaz to book your spot on 03 9764 9564. Cost is $25. There will be a BBQ and some drinks supplied. Spectators more than welcome, should be a fun day. Any que...

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    This is an automated posting of an Events Calendar entry.

    MOD: This event has been cancelled by Madaz due to lack of interest
  2. Come on K.RUDD dollars :biker:
  3. how did today go? are they going to do this again in the near future?
    i would have gone, but only saw this thread now. :(
  4. OP says 16th May. You've still got another 4 weeks until it's on.
  5. damn, thanks for going easy on me,lol. i guess i should learn to read properly....sigh. :(
  6. Sounds interesting and I'd be keen to see some of the results for various bikes.
  7. sounds good would like to know what my bikes at
  8. hells yes, why not? :grin:
  9. sounds good. Will come down for a look.
  10. Damn, think I'm working that day. I'll see if I can swap shifts.
  11. hey what time will this be finishing
    i dont finish work till around 12.30 ish but will givem a call.
  12. hah would be good to strap the wrx to it
  13. stu they are running it till 5pm. im booked in for a 1.30pm run
  14. Cheers Phil, I've swapped shifts so I'll be in. I'll ring em and find out what times they have.
  15. I'm booked in for 10:00 - thanks for organising!

    Be good to see how much it's lost after 70,000km and 8 years! Also get a baseline before the full Akra system, BMC filter and rings/valve stems get done.
  16. Ok, so i'm interested, but how does it work? strap the bike down to the dyno and then what? (in case you can't tell i'm kinda mechanically illiterate) Would be nice to know exactly what the figures are tho, an $25 sounds cheap as!
  17. it wont be cheap coming from western australia to vic for just a reading...lol.
  18. Damn, would love to do this to see what my bike can do, and also I received my new Arrow exhaust last week and would like to do a before and after comparo. However, the Daylesford run is on and I've been looking forward to that for ages :(
  19. I rang Madaz today to book a spot for the dyno this Saturday and was told that due to low numbers so far, they are postponing this dyno day till another time.
  20. What time did you speak to them? I'm booked in and they haven't called me to let me know if they're postponing...
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