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[VIC] Draggin Jeans Warehouse Sale

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dayhell, May 23, 2016.

  1. Just browsing the old facespace and noticed an ad for a warehouse sale at Draggin Jeans HQ this coming Sunday (28/.6) and thought a few NetRiders might be interested.

    They're selling seconds, samples and discontinued stock; if that doesn't interest you, they've also got free coffee, donuts and hotdogs.


  2. Now $339 instead of $349!!
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  3. ;)

    But there are free hot dogs and donuts. Coffee too...
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  4. donuts.
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  5. are you guys serious about the price of Draggin Jeans? if so you need to check out MCAS META_TAG_TITLE
  6. Hey chilliman64chilliman64 ... thanks for the link.....:)
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  7. No no.....just having a dig at how ridiculously overpriced they are, and how little "sales" seem to affect them. That site is a heck of a lot cheaper then I've seen them for in a shop though.

    At $229 I can see the value. At $300+ yeah nah......ain't going to happen.
  8. I agree, at $300+ it's a bit steep considering you can buy kevlar 'liners' and wear dress/regular jeans for a lot less. TKD T900 WOMENS MOTORCYCLE KEVLAR LINER INSERTS JEANS RRP $179.99 NOT DRAGON JEA
  9. Hi

    Thanks for sharing the Draggin Clearance Sale.

    Pricing for the jeans and jackets is either $99 or $149, in store only, plus free coffee, hot dogs and donuts...

    Normally Draggin retail between $199 and $299 with a couple of styles above, one at $349 C-Evo, one at $399, Selvedge and one at $450, Holeshot. The $349 and $450 jeans are fully CE Approved including hip and knee armour, C-Evo Level 1 and Holeshot Level 2.

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  10. I've got three pairs of Draggin Jeans (b&w camo, black, khaki) they are the only riding pants I own and I love them. they wear really well, are comfortable and hold their shape.
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  11. So is anyone actually going to this? I am spewing I cant get down there to check it out.
  12. will you have men's twista jeans for sale? what price?

  13. That's pretty standard retail pricing for that range of products.

    I'm a fan of draggins. I pretty much buy a new pair of black cargoes every year. Draggins blazed the trail, do the R&D and I never have to think twice about whether there have been any corners cut in my Kevlar lining and its attachment. The same can't be said for the other half priced Kevlar lined pretenders.
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  14. Went down to the sale today or should I say yesterday being after midnight right now. I bought a pair of the Black Draggin Drayko jeans for the $99 sale price! Also picked up a Draggin polo for $5 and hung around for a free hotdog and coffee. There was also free motorbike mags to take which I took a couple. The Draggin staff were also very friendly and helpful. I'm glad I went down there, Anyone in Melbourne who didn't make it down definitely missed out!
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  15. Damn, I wish I had come.... :-(
  16. Bought a pair of Drayco jeans 2 months ago and the side below the belt loops around 8 inches has completely come undone. Will be testing their warranty service on monday.
  17. Lazy LibranLazy Libran what were you disagreeing with?
  18. I went down but couldn't find anything in a size 34, plenty of 36's upwards though. And the coffee was surprisingly good.
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  19. Nothing at all... Just found out when you mentioned it.

    Probably FFS (Fat Finger Syndrome) or Drunk or both.

    Removed the dislike as well as it was unintentional..

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  20. put on a few kgs and you'll be right
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