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[VIC] Drag Racing (Bike Night) Win $$$, Fri May 4th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Strech

    When:Friday night 4/5/07
    Where:Calder Park Drag Strip.
    Time:Gates open at 5.00pm
    racing starts at 6.00pm
    Cost:$20 to watch or $40 to race.
    The Bike Night Incentive Program will run in conjunction with the legal off street drags.
    Prizes will be aw...

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  2. High Octane Fuel will be available on the night.
    Fuel available will be:
    Premium Unleaded (95 Octane)
    JFP98 (98 Octane)
    JFP100 (100 Octane)
    Avgas (103 Octane)
    Please Note: Avgas can only be purchased during the event. It must be pumped into the bike and you must have a log book.
  3. If it's not wet I may be a starter.
  4. Just to explain this a bit.

    Avgas is a fuel with a lead additive and as such is no longer legal for road use in Australia (Aviation has an exemption) and it is allowed in limited quantities for use in Race Cars but the owner of the race car (bike) must apply for a log book to allow tracking of the use of Avgas. I'm not sure about MA but CAMS can arrange the log book for Race Car use.
  5. Sure would be interesting to see how slow I can get a 600 supersport to go :oops:

    I too will see what the weather does.
  6. I have complimentry tickets for the first 2 people at the gate. ring me when you arrive and I will bring them out to you.
  7. What a top night. perfect weather and a perfect track. got 10 bikes turn up.
    cops were there to (on a honda) so everybody got a chance to race them.that was way cool till about 1/2 track then he just blitzed me. :oops:
    congrates to 1st and second well done fellas. hope to see some of you on thursday night mystery rides now.
  8. :facepalm: :facepalm:

    totally forgot about this :oops: :roll: damn memory :evil:
  9. And remember, kids - If your bike hasn't been modified to require/use high-octane fuels, eg: higher compression, aggressive ignition timing, turbocharging/supercharging, etc - then running a higher octane fuel than what's specified in the bike's manual will do..... nothing at all, except lighten your wallet a bit more than usual. :)