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[VIC] Drag Races, Calder Park., Sun Jan 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Australia Day weekend 2009 see's the return of the mighty Doorslammers to Calder Park, along with a supporting line up of Pro Street Blown & Unblown, Modified Street Blown & Unblown, True Street, Super Sedan and Modified Bike.
    With $57,000- in prize...

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  2. Calder Park Raceway is undergoing a makeover.
    Over the past six months the drag strip at the iconic Melbourne motor sport venue has received a major
    The original pit area has been resurfaced, spectator mounds have been made larger and the historic
    race circuit is currently being altered.
    The first major event at the new-look Calder Park Raceway will be the True Blue Drag Racing
    Championships on Sunday, January 25.
    Eight of Australia’s leading Top Doorslammer racers will compete at the event, which for the first time in
    Australia, will see Top Doorslammers race over an eighth- mile (201metres) instead of the traditional
    quarter-mile and for $30,000, the largest prize money ever posted for an eight-car Doorslammer field.
    Australian Motorsport Club/Calder Park Motorsport Chairman Bob Jane said upgrading the drag strip to
    a stand-alone track – previously drag racing was run on the main straight of the race circuit – will make
    both drag and circuit racing safer.
    “Calder is in a transitional stage, our number one priority was to make the drag strip a stand-alone
    track. Progressively we will widen the racetrack by about five metres and that will start later this year,â€
    Jane said.
    Changes to the now full stand-alone quarter-mile drag strip include, moving the concrete trackside
    safety walls to the drag strip edge, the installation of a 65-metre concrete launch pad and extending the
    breaking/run-off area.
    The drag race control building has also been relocated and reconstructed to provide race officials with a
    better view of all the activities on the drag strip.
    Jane said there are plans to resurface the drag strip with special bitumen compound in the first half of
    this year.
    He also said a conference/exhibition and trade display centre currently under construction will be
    completed in early 2009, while a new 2000-seat spectator stand overlooking the drag race start area,
    new first aid, catering and merchandise facilities are planned during 2009.
    “The circuit is being moved away from the drag strip and will now return to the old Gloweave corner and
    the main straight will be the former pit lane/drag strip staging lanes. The circuit will then return to the
    original main straight at the end of the quarter-mile drag strip, just beyond the grandstand.
    “Calder Park can accommodate 30,000 spectators at drag race, circuit or other special events. Calder
    is a pretty good venue, it is pretty close to the airport and only 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD,â€
    Jane said.
    Racers who will compete in the Calder Park Top Doorslammer Shootout are former Australian Top
    Doorslammer champion and 11-times Australian Top Alcohol champion, Gary Phillips (‘53 Studebaker)
    from Brisbane, Maurice Fabietti ('05 Holden Monaro CV8Z), Dennis Brijeski ('67 Chevrolet Camaro),
    Sean Mifsud (’41 Willys) and Mark Belleri ('67 Chevrolet Camaro), all from Sydney and Peter Kapiris
    (‘53 Studebaker) and Tony DeFelice ('67 Chevrolet Camaro) both from Melbourne.
    The exciting Pro Street cars will also compete at the True Blue Drag Racing Championships.
    Qualifying for the True Blue Drag Racing Championships will start at 9am, while elimination racing will
    be from 5pm.
    Spectator entry to the event is $35 for all people over 16 years. Children 16 years and under will be
    admitted free of charge.
    I'll be there as always but not on the bike this time as ill be supporting super class.
    Come down and say hi.