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[VIC] Drag Queen Bingo, Mon May 29th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, May 23, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Geordielass

    For one night only we were thinking of relocating western suburbs Monday night coffee to Drag Queen Bingo in Candy Bar, Prahran before Twingirl moves to Tassie. For anyone who has never been its one of the funniest nights out in Melbourne or at least i...

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  2. count me in. ill take tuesday off work.

    whats the likely cost of such an evening.. this doesn not of course include the cost of a drag queen call girl/boy/thing for thosethat want to know.. vic.
  3. "blind 90, cheers everybody cheers (drink drink)!"

    i used to go every mon for a few months at the start of last year.... absolutely loved it, u can win some wacky cool prizes to. but one of the girls left last year and i have not been back since. has anyone been lately? do u still need to book a table? it used to get pretty packed. hopefully i'm able to come but wont no when i'm working till sun. definately having a few drinks, think i will have to get my little sis to give me a lift if i come...
  4. Best count me in ..esp. if it's to celebrate me leaving..:)
    I'll have no work the next day..WOO HOO..Taxi!
  5. Sounds fun to me - dinner & show pls :grin:
  6. Its actually just a gold coin donation to play the bingo - then its just pub prices for the drinks and the $10 dinner...!!!

    Yeah, still need to book tables, everytime I've been its been chocka block full of people...But we have a table booked for Monday woohoo...

    "Cheers everybody..." Yeah, there are some chants that ya have to do along with the bingo...its hilarious...!!!
  7. Do we dress up for it...... can we, can we? :wink:

    I'll check with the other half and see if we can make it.
  8. Hehe...I'm sure you probably could dress up - however I would only recommend you do that if you're prepared for the reactions of the Drag Queens - they dont let any chance of a joke pass em by....

    I got so much grief the last time - but won a pretty inetersting prize in the bingo - so it was all worth it in the end hehe...
  9. i could very well make this one :grin: moving to richmond on the weekend so could be a late night and the taxi couldnt be anymore than a few $ :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I'd love to go but seeing how I've had to go home early every other outing of late due to my pain, gotta wait til i heal up..

    kinkybinky: rockin, I live in richmond. It's a great area :D When i heal up, hope to ride together? :)
  11. sweet mate sounds good :wink: could even go to the pub for a few pots occasionally , well where im moving to there is pretty much 2 pubs at my front door :LOL: :LOL: so yeh that shouldnt be a prob mate :grin:
  12. nice, I live 3 minute walk from corner hotel and 2 min walk from the depot.

    I used to play in bands that played at the corner in the late 80s + 90s (death metal/grind, one band was undinism, another called stained) so I was probably at the corner hotel 3-7 nights a week until I had my off :)

    also go to the swan, london hotel and various other places. And yeah, I spend about $20-30K a year at pubs/clubs cause I like it :D
  13. u wouldnt be a fan of one of melbs greatest hardcore acts mindsnare would ya? there pretty much richmond boys :wink:
  14. Hey undii...if you did come along and leave early if got pain that would be cool..and Richmond just a hop skip and a jump home...

    I understand if ya dont wanna though - you would probs get grief from the queens for leaving early...

    Kinkybinky - come along - seriously one of the best nights out i've had in a long time...

  15. Well duh :p The guys from blood duster used to crash at my place when they played in geelong many many years ago. I was heavily involved in that scene late 80s + 90s but alas, needing to work/$$$ stopped my musical side of things. Maybe if we had 70 hrs in a day I could fit in all the things I want to :)
  16. I'll see how I feel :) Which reminds me, gotta see how my pain management referrel @ epworth hospital is coming along. ta!

    Would love to go but yeah, the pain controls what I do atm... :cry:
  17. luv ya work bud :wink: will catch up soon most definately :grin:
  18. hmmm pain management-epworth= me :LOL: :LOL: probly seen ya there mate :wink:
  19. ok Geordielass was just talkin to a friend of mine who use to go to tihs event alot. ok count me in for monday night :grin: sounds like lots of fun, i just hope i win the vodka and not the toilet brush :LOL:
  20. add me to the list...???? GL?