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[VIC] DR-Z400SM 2009 geelong area (LAMS approved) !SOLD!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by nathanshnoz, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Hey all, well this is about the saddest thing i think i've had to do for a long time but unfortunately i need a little bit more power these days and the zuke just doesn't quite cut it.

    Year: 2009

    Make: Suzuki

    Model: DR-Z400SM (LAMS APPROVED)

    Kilometers: 6,000

    Factory Warranty: until Christmas (24th December)

    Yoshimura Muffler (sounds like sex on wheels)
    fender eliminator
    custom LED taillight
    custom indicators front and back
    rim stickers
    ego bark busters
    low gel seat (much comfier than the standard one)
    renthal fat bars
    brand new stock exhaust (never even been on the bike)
    original seat

    Price: $8,000

    Phone: Nathan 0437 527 135

    Very regretful sale. I'm off restrictions in a few weeks and it's time to upgrade to something with a little more grunt. This bike has been incredible, sticks to the road like shit to a blanket, and is the ultimate hooligan bike. It can fit through tiny gaps most sports bike riders can only dream of, and up to 100km/h will keep up with a lot of them in acceleration. After that you can say bye bye. Max speed is around 150km/h depending on how fat the rider is. But for commuting and general ride ability you probably couldn't get a better bike to learn to ride on. It is LAMS approved so if your only a learner or on your p's you can ride it no problems. You don't have to be tall, im only 5.10 and i can sit on it and touch the ground ok. I have only ever put premium in this bike and have treated it like my first born child. If there was a cheap way to squeeze another 30hp out of it i would do it, but unfortunately there isn't. The only thing negative you will find to comment on is the bars have a scratch on them from where the rubber slipped off the bike straps i had holding it down when it was on my trailer and cut into the bar a little bit. But to be honest it's f*** all but some people are really picky. I recently had a new Pilot Power Road 2 tyre put on the rear. Its a dual compound tyre that is soft on the edges and firmer in the middle. I found the stock rear tyre to be too soft in the middle and mine wore through in no time at all. Front tyre is fine, motards use 100% of rear tyre and jack all of the front so rears wear out much faster.

    Anyways, that about all i have to say about the bike at this stage. Would be a perfect first bike or an upgrade for someone just off their L's or anyone who just wants a fun hooligan bike. Any questions please feel free to PM or call me. Calling is better since i don't frequent NetRider everyday.

    Pics will come when i find my camera.

    Price is $8,000

    I am in no rush to sell and am happy to wait till the other side of winter if it means i will get the price i want.

    Nathan 0437 527 135

    Thanks for looking.

    ***Willing to swap for mid-sized naked or motard with cash my way depending on age and condition of bike***
  2. here are some pics, they really don't do the bike justice.....it's very sexy in the flesh :)




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