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[Vic] Do you know this illegal pocketbike scum?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Thera, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Woman fighting for life after hit and run in Carrum Downs shopping centre car park

  2. I can't think of words enough to describe my disgust
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  3. I usually find guys riding monkey bikes around illegally in public areas to be fine upstanding citizens...
    In all seriousness I sincerely hope the flogs are caught and the lady recovers
  4. Very Sad. Monkey bikes, they will be unregistered unlicensed kids I would guess.
  5. I see plenty of full grown bogan adults riding them as well
  6. I hate the wording in the article "the other motorcyclists". These maggots are nothin but feral scum and i hope they get caught up with. I hope and pray the mother lives.
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  7. Some kids parents must know their kids are involved in this.......
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  8. Even worse, CCTV just up on the news shows a well-dressed woman look at the accident aftermath, take one step towards it, then turn and walk quickly in the opposite direction!??? Seriously?!???
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  9. Hi guys, Im on the mobile, so I can't easily post a link, but I just heard the lady who was hit by a bike earlier this week will have her life support turned off.

    Does anyone want to organise, or has anyone got a link to, a charity run for Melbourne riders, with a donation to her family?

    I'm sure the cowards who rode off, aren't representative of the broader riding community.

    It would be a nice gesture if we could help out in some way.

    I'm happy to help, but I'm sure there are people more experienced in coordinating these events.
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  10. Oh no! Has this appeared in the news yet.

    So so sad..

    On a different note, these idiots are not part of Any riding community.. They are just riding around the car park and trails on toy bikes.
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  11. The family had turned off Andy' life support..
    When they find these mongrels someone should take them out the back and flog them......
  12. Wow I hope they get these monkey bike riders, they need to own up and face what they deserve. Pathetic people.
  13. Absolutely numbing news. A young woman innocently going about her daily routine and killed in the interests of fleeting moments of joy by some dregs of society.

    The latest news suggests that the police have the perpetrators in their sights. Here's hoping they get what they deserve (although nothing will bring back the life of the victim).
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  14. I'm in New South Wales but I'd be happy to contribute in some way.....
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  15. I just saw an extended version of the footage; she turns and walks a couple steps, then heads back to the accident, and repeats this a couple times. I'm guessing she was a little shaken up by what had just happened and couldn't work out what to do.
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  16. Young, foolish, gutless cowards.

    UPDATE: THE family of a young mother mowed down by callous hit-run riders are preparing to turn off her life support after she suffered “unsurvivable” brain damage.

    The children of Andrea Lehane will be taken to see her for the last time before her life support is switched off and her organs donated “for her final act of caring and giving”.

    In a statement her husband, James, said the 34-year-old nurse would “always be remembered and missed”.

    “On Wednesday afternoon my family’s lives changed in an instant from a careless and avoidable accident,” his statement on 3AW said.

    “As a result of the impact my wife suffered unsurvivable brain damage.

    “The team at The Alfred have done an extraordinary job but the damage has been confirmed to be too great.

    “Being a nurse Andy was always keen on organ donation so as a family we have consented to her going through a complete organ donation process.

    “Some time today or tomorrow she will go into theatre with her life-support machines for her final act of caring and giving.

    “I will be taking her children, her three-year-old son and four-year-old daughter to see their mum for the last time before this occurs.

    “She was an extraordinary wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunty, niece and friend.

    “She was very content in her life and loved and cared for her family and friends

    “She always put them first. She’ll always be remembered and missed. Words cannot explain how I feel.”

    Mr Lehane asked for privacy as he grieves.

    That is heartbreaking. May she RIP.
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  17. Vic riders....even if its just part of the practice session group....let's get a collection going and try to disassociate these guys from real 'riders'.
  18. That is heart wrenching. I feel for that family, to have a mother, ripped away from her family like this........I cant begin to put it into words, I hope these dregs are bought up and charged. Now that she pass away due to their callousness, they should be charged with, and convicted of, murder. Plain and simple. Im happy to contribute some funds for the family, perhaps GoFundMe?
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  19. I hope they don't go easy on them if they are minors, if your riding a bike around the streets you deserve to be dealt with the same any adult would.
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