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[VIC] Do you have more than one bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. If you do you may have been overcharged by VicRoads.

    In news just in...

    I have been advised that VicRoads has identified 700 registered operators who were incorrectly charged and subsequently paid the annual Motorcycle Safety Levy on more than one registered motorcycle.

    This was caused by a system programming error which incorrectly applied the Levy more than once to operators with more than one Vehicle Registration System client number.

    The system programming error has now been rectified.

    Work is underway to accurately determine the number of times each client has been charged the levy and the amount of any overcharging.

    Where the Levy has been incorrectly applied, VicRoads will write to each client separately to explain the circumstances and to refund the amount of the overpayment.

    Refunds will be processed by the end of January 2010.

    NB. 700 represents less than 1% of motorcyclists who pay the Levy.


    Jill Earnshaw
    Manager Program Integration and Evaluation
  2. I want to know why I pay the TAC levy for every vehicle that I own, given that I can only operate one at a time.

    The system ain't user-pays, that's for sure.
  3. Hmmm, no, well not unless that article is talking about the TAC levy, and not the Motorcycle Safety Levy. I know I only payed the Safety levy once in 2009, but I definitely paid the TAC levy twice.
  4. Isn't it because you're not paying the TAC component for you, you're paying it for the vehicle, ie, I could ride/drive your bike/car, have a huge accident and, as long as I was licensed would receive all the benefits of the TAC levy (hospital etc...)? Obviously I am still up for 3rd party property and the damage to your vehicle, but my health costs and potential long term care are covered.
  5. But somebody else could
  6. I went in to Vic Roads a month ago thinking this had happened to me - asking why I was being charged the levy on the Hornet when I had the SR500 registered.

    -"Oh, but your Yamaha is on recreational registration."
    -"No it's not! I came and registered it for the road, and have been commuting on it for years!"
    -"I'm sorry, but it is not road registered!"

    Turned out to be a typo, but I would have to cancel the rego and pay a re-registration at that time, to fix it. Was too broke. It's now lapsed but I want to use the three months grace period to re-register it - we'll see how that goes or if I'll be punished for their typo! :mad:
  7. Yes, but then why isn't it paid annually per license, not per vehicle? ie. the system is not "user pays".
  8. I mentioned that once as a possibility on another forum and ended up getting numerous abusive emails and hate mail from a certain "activist" saying that it would reduce the number of people with licences because those who didn't actually ride would surrender their licence. I fail to see that this is necessarily a bad thing.

    The realistic argument is that it would be a lot of money for licence renewals and would be a deterrent to people getting a licence.
  9. I'd prefer the fee to be attached to the license. One bad side effect however - have you ever noticed the tedency among a number of motorcyclists to horde bikes and parts. I get hassled by SR guys to sell them any spares I have (eg spare R/R and such stuff as is likely to need replacing in time), as though they're stuck for the part, and then I find they've got a garage piled high of such stuff. It would be a shame to see half the cheap motorcycles locked away by hoarders.

    Not a very big or relevant issue, I'd still prefer such a change in the system, but it has struck me before when thinking about this.
  10. Hey guys, I thought I'd reanimate this old thread, as I wanted to start one about the TAC levy but found this one first.

    Apparently there's a 'pensioners and eligible beneficiaries discount' which severely reduces the cost of my 'TAC Charge' from $342 (which is BS, I pay less for private 3rd party insurance FFS!) to $171 (for a '331 classified' LAMS bike).
    I spoke to Alan at the TAC (the legalese guru, he's really helpful, which was a surprise) and he said that under the 'Transport Accident Charges' rates, the definition of 'eligible beneficiary' (which includes pensioners) is derived from the 'State Concessions Act 2004'.
    That last link has a huge list of eligible 'persons' who can apply to become 'eligible beneficiaries' and hence receive 'pensioner discounts' and not get ripped off by The Road Corporation (aka. VicRoads).

    Join me in this journey as I try to figure out how to apply to become an 'eligible beneficiary', because $421 for registration is bullshit.

    I won't go into detail about the fact that I believe that I am a sovereign human being and not a ward of the state nor a commonwealth subject and that I shouldn't have to pay registration for my own personal property, that's time-consuming and for another thread, so in the meantime I have to figure out how to get out of paying their ridiculous TAC charges (which are making up about 80% of my rego fee, WTF MANG?).
  11. Update #1: I just spoke to Vicroads, and asked some questions about the TAC charges:
    If you have a bike that is over 25 years old and you only ride it to 'club meetings' and 'race days' etc, you can apply for a 'vintage vehicle' registration classification, which incurs a $66 TAC charge instead of the $342 they're asking.
    To do this you get to pay almost $300 for the new registration, and you'll need a letter from a representative of the club stating that you are a member yadda yadda. I wonder if anybody has done this before, with netrider?

    If you have a 'recreation motor vehicle registered under the Road Safety Act 1986' you get a $54 TAC charge instead. http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Registration/WhatHasToBeRegistered/OtherVehiclesBoatsAndRegistrationIssues/RecreationalMotorcycleRegistration.htm. Unfortunately you are only permitted to 'operate' (legal definition of this word is, what exactly?) your recreation vehicle on roads with posted limits at or over 100kph, so what happens if you are pulled over in a 'built up area'? I wonder, which part of the Road Safety Act they can bill you under if you operate a recreation vehicle in a 'built up area'?

    In conclusion, I think that paying approximately a dollar per day for a bike that gets used about once a week at netrider events and on weekend rides to the spur/boulevard, is a crock of shit, and I'm going to find every lawful way to get out of paying these ridiculous TAC charges when we aren't even anywhere near as much of a threat to other road users as the toorak tractor SoCcermUMs.

    By the way, I just found something interesting regarding the police powers to search a vehicle: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/vic/consol_act/rsa1986125/s13.html basically states that police officers can only inspect your vehicle if you are driving on a highway, or if they have reasonable grounds for belief (aka. PROOF) that you have driven on a highway in the last 30 days. If the latter is the case, they must provide to the registered operator (or to the owner if the vehicle isn't registered... LOL) a written notice stating the location that they wish to search the vehicle and it must be searched within 7 days.
  12. not sure if this has happened to me, but will they automatically issue refunds? or do I need to enquire further.