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[VIC] Diesel Spill on Monash east bound

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by aussieak, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. All Lanes just near Yarra Blvd overpasss

  2. Re: Diesel Spill on Monash east bound

    think the same truck crash has been posted about
  3. smash cleared a while ago but the sand and oil is all over the road there
  4. Yeah I was there, and it was UGLY. Traffic mostly stationary, kings rd tunnel entrance closed. Took the punt rd onramp and lane split all the way up to the site.

    Did anyone else notice the policeman there? He eyeballed the number plate of the rider in front of me, did the same to mine, then seemed to pull out a notebook. I suspect there will be a letter from Mr Plod in the mail soon :/
  5. I must have got there after they did a half arsed job at the clean up - traffic was still backed up and all the sand / dirt they used for the clean up had been pushed between the lanes and there was still diesel all over the shop. I got pretty out of shape - it was interesting.
  6. I went through about 6:30pm, still a lot of sand but traction seemed ok.
  7. That was not you on the Red bike stuck behind a grey Falcon? The moved left so you could split away?

    That was me BTW.
  8. Mine's a dark/chrome Suzuki C90. There was a car wedged sideways in a merge to the single file lane which went past the accident. I followed another rider to the left of that car then we were alongside the single lane going past the accident.

    With that positioning, we caused no delay to the cars behind. I'll be pissed if the police want to treat me like some yobbo roaring up a closed lane.

    Also.. the cagers seemed to be doing so much rubbernecking that single lane looked like a funeral procession!
  9. I got lucky it was all cleared other then the sand and junk when I got there. Sure made the rest of the Monash a good run but.
  10. Holster- stay in shape. It is a pretty fine shape.
  11. SC, you still around mate? Good to see, and why pray tell are you not with us on the Snowy Ride?
    Sorry to go OT folks, as you were........