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(vic) diamond creek

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by slowmark, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. On diamond creek road (the windy mile) as you drive down into diamond creek and ryans road(from eltham direction).
    Someone has resealed cracks in road and whatever compound they've used doesn't have any traction. I've already seen 2 riders crash (both lowspeed front end loss's) from this.
    vic roads notified. Just waiting for our wonderful democracy to kick into action.](*,)

  2. I live here and mate the windy mile is the one that comes down from diamond creek road extension of Greensborough road (Greensborough Highway) the one your thinking of from eltham direction is the one that heads down from st helena (eltham) the backway.. and yes it is extremely hairy at the moment..

    Mind you im always doing about 5kms through there as the round about is affectionately called 'death round about' because no one looks, no one stops its just an all round c*%@ of a roundabout..

    the whole round about there is stuffed, the traction around the whole area is stuffed.

    Also, be aware of road works just outside of diamond creek, they are re-sealing the road and its down to 70kmh 'new limit' where the 80 zone used to be..

    Pack of low life #@%*#!^*)_#!*^!#~!!!!!!!!!!!!! excuse to lower the speed limits once again, and it happened overnight...

    Last night i almost pile drived a line marking truck as your coming back from hurstbridge into diamond creek because there was no roadwork signs and i came around the corner at 60 and there was a council truck smack bang on the wrong side (my side) of the road parked with one flashing light..

    Just as you come around the corner to the left past diamond valley high school, if you know this corner you can understand..

    Hear a muffled sorry as i swerved past and almost dropped it in the gravel...