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[VIC] Deyago's Fire and Ice BBQ 2007, Sat Jun 23rd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Deyago

    For a fourth year in a row Deyago invites chilli freaks and those that like to watch people in pain to join him for a party at Casa Del Jake.

    It's another Chilli Night.

    See Deyago's following post for full details.

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  2. Aha! Fire up the chilli pot and break out the booze, i'll be there for another fun night. :grin:
  3. :cool: It's in the Jasjam.
  4. Will Steve's chicken wings be there? :shock: My mouth still tastes like burning. :shock: :LOL:
  5. Yep, Steve's Suicide Wings are part of the menu. I've posted an alteration to the calender and still waiting for it to be reposted.

    Basically, I need a few people to help with chilli based dishes. No restrictions on types this year.

    Chairman has also graciously agreed to make another chilli cassata. This is a dessert like no other.

    If you want to come, dress warmly. The parties are in the back yard on the patio and I put on a couple of those coal brasiers for heat but it can still get a bit nippy.

    I'm hoping to arrange a projector so we have some backyard entertainment, fingers crossed.

    If you'd like to come, PM me for address details. Hope to see you there :) .

    OK, Here's the Menu as it currently stands:
    Steve's Suicide Wings of Extreme Pain & Suffering
    Steve's Pork Ribs, Spicy BBQ or South-Style Bourbon Baste
    Steve's The Red Peril - Texan Straight Double Barrel Beef Chilli
    Sunshine Boy's Big Gay Salad
    Mrs Scumbag's Thai Chicken Salad
    Jarrah's Something Sweet
    Deyago's Butter Chicken
    Tina's Potato Salad of Doom
    Dimi's Asian Salad of Destruction
    Lil's Mum's Blow-Your-Socks-Off Vindaloo
    jd's Changeable Chilli (?)
    Koma's Chilli Con Koma (?)
    Caz V1's Thai Lime & Chilli Cashews (?)
    The Brick's Mystery Dish (?)

    Mrs Scumbag's Chilli Brownies
    The Chairman's Chilli Cassata

    I've stuck (?) after the dishes that need to be reconfirmed as coming - let me know. So far, it's looking mighty good!

    Don't forget, if you aren't into chilli I have a BBQ for you to use so bring whatever you want to burn on that.
  6. I'm looking forward to this event (having missed the last 3 :roll: ), though I will be a spectator. I'll get mum's recipe for her "blow-your-socks-off" Vindaloo and bring that along.

  7. the Scumbags will definitely be there........with Mrs Scumbags special Chilli Brownies :grin: :grin:

    and probably a Thai chilli dish of some sort
  8. There is no way I will not be there...had it pencilled in the diary for the last few weeks...woohoo... :grin:

    I thought I made a mean chilli - until had the suicide wings :shock: Looking forward to it...
  9. If the gig schedule clears up, I'll be there with a pot of my batchelor Salvatore one pot cooking spicey mince meat and rice dish... which features home grown chillis, home grown meat, and sauted in home grown wine.

    Tastes better than it looks...
  10. :woot: I'll be there for sure with another batch of chilli. Though don't expect it to be anything like the one last year, my recipe changes every single time I make it (depends on what ingredients I can get my hands on). If I get time I might even whip up a batch of refried beans too - my recipe tastes a lot better than that canned goo in supermarkets.
  11. Looks like its time to make another batch of Thai lime and chilli cashews.
  12. sounds like fun. :twisted:

    will see how it fits with the moving schedule.
  13. There is no freakin way I'm missing this!

    Iron Chef Voyager will be back once again with some more tasty treats. This year it shall be Retro flavours (due to popular demand, ie: a sudden mass of PMs requesting things) I shall bring along 3 dishes, including:

    - Steve's Suicide Wings of Extreme Pain & Suffering - the new & improved Extra Evil version. You will need beer. LOTS of beer...
    - Pork Ribs, deciding on Spicy BBQ or South-Style Bourbon Baste. Depends if Jake has some bourbon to spare.
    - The Red Peril - Texan Straight Double Barrel Beef Chilli

    and maybe, just maybe, other items, one of them something so insane it is unmentionable here.

    JD - bring the mix. You know the one I'm talking about.
  14. Someone better bring some plain yogurt and lots of fruit juice to help salve scorched tongues!
  15. Yeah I'll try and remember this time. Actually if I get the chance I might whip up a batch for the night, wonder if a chilli chocolate mousse would work :-k (other than as a sadistic surprise for those looking for something to cool their mouths down ;)).
  16. The Chocolate Mill near Daylesford have a wicked hot chilli chocolate drink... and chilli chocolates too...
  17. Yeah very faimiliar with the chocolate mills hot chocolate and chilli :grin: . Still only ever seen chilli with dark chocolate - and the mousse mix I've got is more of a milk chocolate. Can't hurt to try though I guess.
  18. I don't mind bringing along a dish as long as time/work is on my side.
    One jumbo batch of 'Chilli Con Koma' coming right up! :LOL:
  19. Thanks one and all! I'm both hungry and already anxious about the morning after. :LOL:

    That's what I love about the Chilli Nights - food you can fear :twisted: .
  20. If work lets me have the night off I'll be there!
    I'll bring the soothing foods. Unfortunately my delicate tummy doesn't let me eat hot or spicy stuff but I can bring a mild curry along for nancy's like me :grin: :grin:

    I might even pinch some Mega death sauce from my mom for you guys. Watching people bleed from the eyes after eating that stuff is fun! :LOL: :LOL: