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(Vic) Detox your home - oils/paints/batteries etc

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Each local council will have instructions on where/how to dispose used motor car oils etc. Sometimes it's accepted by the local refuse waste station, sometimes not.

    Vic government have a program called Ecorecycle, run by Sustainability Victoria. Amongst loads of other green and "environmentally friendly" activities/programs, they also have something called the "detox your home" program.

    If you have old household chemicals lying about and want to get rid of them, there is a mobile service that you can connect with: http://www.resourcesmart.vic.gov.au/for_households_1965.html Dates/times/places. (FYI: the next metropolitan mobile date is in Moonee ponds, October 11.)

    Or take your tins/containers to one of their permanent sites: http://www.resourcesmart.vic.gov.au/for_households_1962.html

    Alternatively, if you're friendly with your local mechanic, he/she might let you tip your car oil into their disposal drum possibly for free, at least for a nominal disposal fee ( - which by the way is an utter lark, since largish oil recycling mobs like EnviroChem, Nationwide Oil, Environmental Oil apparently pick up commercial quantities of old oil for free...)


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  3. I work next to a hydraulic oil filtration company :)

  4. I can get rid of oil and batteries at work. Even get paid to do it. Horn.............
  5. Rightio, sydney siders - drop your oil off at Ktulu's house :)

    Melbournites can do the same at Rog's place!

  6. Yeah, just tip it out in the driveway.
  7. You don't pour it down baby dolphin's blow holes like everybody else?

    On a serious note, I have eleventy million liters of old oil in the shed that I may have to deliver to this site. Thanks Rob.
  8. There's also the waste management/recycle on Dynon road. They'll let you tip oil into their collection vat... I got rid of 25ltrs the other day.

    <clicky map linky>

    The ecorecycle website says that their permanent sites will accept 10litres per person per day... :roll: I didn't ring to see whether I could get two days worth dumped in one trip... instead I did a bit more research and found the Kensington place... no, not Rog's house. :p
  9. That place on Dynon Rd. is useful.
  10. Serious question.......What product(s) do recycled engine oils get turned into?

    Is the recycled product blended into new automotive mineral oils?
  11. You can also recycle old mobile phones via this site


    My nephews Primary School had a collection day a month or so ago and after fishing through a couple of cupboards & draws at home & work managed to give him around 10 old phones including a couple of analog ones :shock: I still had lying around....

    I've still got a couple of spare handsets just in case I kill one of my current phones by accident.