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VIC: Demerit points-UPDATE

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by boo, May 5, 2007.

  1. I think I've run out of luck!
    Got a BLOODY speeding fine in the mail the other day, first one in at least 2yrs... & I was driving around w 1 remaining point for abt a yr... :roll:
    $215 smackeroo's! Travelling above 10km's but less than 15km & 3 demerit points. BUGGER! I had somewhere important to be Easter Sunday& I know that's no excuse.
    Once upon a time I had a nice car... & I never lost a point in the turbo beastie! I did however in the govy bus at work - I blame it on the clients... Autistic sounds can grate after 3hours stuck in a bus w W.L's!

    I'm in the poo, what shld I do?

    And I've already heard that condescending parental "Mmmm Hmmm" frm my mother :roll:

  2. Find a really nice firend who has lost no points and beg them to take the points for you.
  3. Firstly you should go and have a look at the photo!

    If there is anything in the photo i.e. another car/vehicle, bird etc, you may be able to dispute it.

    Secondly, see if a close "mate" can take the points for you?

    Lastly, write to the Penalty Review Board and explain your circumstances.
    eg, You do not believe you were travelling at that speed and you ask for them to review the fine? If you imply that the camera may be faulty and request the maintenance logs for the camera they maight revoke the fine.


    You have posted your situation on NETRIDER, so expect people to get on their HIGH HORSES and tell you "You shouldnt be speeding" or "face the consequences of your actions" or some bullsh!t like that!

    Good Luck,

  4. ay bad luck, you should get someone to take the points (who are on full license, so like 12 points) and shout 'em a slab of beer :p

    the 3 km tolerance is sad really... when i do 3k's over (normally 10k's over) i do it when i see no cars parked on the side.. or cops infront or behind hehe.. i did see a sneaky cop with a radar he was parked on an off ramp with his gun pointed to oncoming traffic...

    so far touch wood.

    I did straight drive from qld to vic got home 4am this morning... in nsw on the newell(and just in general) you can sit on 10k's over and not get done by safe-t-cam (so 110 zone = 120 ;) )

    wish vic wasn't so tight!!
  5. wow
    thats the price &demerit i get for exceeding speed limit by 15-24 km/h (24km/h)
  6. Careful Kyro, you keep calling Vic tight and he will suspend your account..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Send them in a photo of your boobs and see if that helps.

    Or I could just send them the photo of you boobs that you took with my phone :p

    I have no advise to offer.

    I got done too at the end of March, 80 in a 60.

    Despite some van cutting me the fcuk off, I still got booked by a TMU wanker who obviously hates bikes.

    You can break any rule in the bloody book here in Victoria, as long as it's not speeding.

    I mean really, doing 80km/h over the Charles Grimes Bridge. That's what bikes do, the go quicker around corners. It is a mild right hander. Get to the bottom and some van driver changes lanes without looking, despite me being on the horn, he manages to continue the lane change so now I have to get around him :roll:

    Someone should educate this Senior Constable F.Pearson # 33181 that changing lanes without looking and ignoring someone else's horn is more dangerous than a little bit of speed :jerk:

    I hope the plonker googles his name and badge number, tossbag :mad:
  8. They must have changed wot x amount of km's over the limit will cost you points wise in recent yrs, coz I was looking back at my last offence in 2004, 15kms over but under 25kms & that was 3points aswell...? Either that or it was coz it was Easter Sunday, isn't there some added penality incurred on Public Holidays...?
    I need a Uniden 301.... Who had that....?
  9. Re: Demerit points

    move to tassie :p 15-22km over will get you 3 points and $110 bucks here. much cheaper. and they don't book you till 11k's over either :LOL:
  10. Crikey, 3 points for that?!?! Bloody hell! 20kmh over here in the ACT is 3pts and $180, those Mexican fines are a bit harsh.
  11. Was double demerits I would say, due to the public holidays.

    But that still doesnt make sense, because 3 points is an odd number.

    Stupid police.
  12. We don't have double demerit points.

    Wasn't it proven that the DDP system does jack shit in reducing the road toll?

    Please don't give Plastic Head any more ideas, we get reamed enough from the prick!!!
  13. No, they don't do double demerits here (yet).

    My licence was pristine until Feb last year. Now I only have 4 points to spare.
    This may or may not have something to do with my upgrading from a 250 in April last year...
  14. Write em a letter... Ive got a socking driving record and recently i got three infringements from an incident and would have lost my licence and had to pay over 1k so i wrote em a letter having a whinge and got away scot free...
  15. LOL

    Bloody whingers :p
  16. I know someone who will take the points from you....but I don’t think you will like what you have to do in return...he is very evil....VERR VERY EEEEEEVil
  17. Do you have to wait long to get a few points back? If not, wait until you get some points back 'til you pay this one.
  18. My mate has a punk band, the worst and a song called COP C**T.
    Thay had stickers made up,
    these stickers are now in high demand because of this.

  19. Bwahaha, that's great. :grin:
  20. A radar can hit you at up to 1500m :shock: , on average a cop can easily tag a bike at 700m, providing there is no surrounding traffic, so dont be on the lookout (trust me, i thought it would work, now ive had no liscence for almost 2 years! back in sept... )