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[VIC] Demerit Points Issue

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Moff, May 20, 2009.

  1. Yo,

    I just called Vic Roads to Check how many Demerit points I have left, (Automated Service).

    When it reads out my Demerit Points, it reads "You currently have 7 Demerit Points against your licence".

    Does this mean i have 7 Demerit Points left? Or i've lost 7 Demerit Points?

    I'm currently on my P's on my car and L's on my bike. Its confusing the hell out of me.

    Cheers in advance


  2. I think that means you have used 7 points so have 5 left :wink:
  3. I think that it means that you have 7 points with 5 remaining.

    So, you can commit 5 more offences that attract 1 point each.

    Not a bad effort, I must say, if you have that many racked up while still on a probationary licence...
  4. You've got more than me, by which i mean you've got less than me, because you've got more left because I've done more and you've done less, which means I'm ahead of you because i've got less left over.....bah, forget about it :tantrum:

  5. That confused the hell out of me. haha
  6. It says I have 14..... so I know it's not how many I have left :LOL: :LOL: :cry:
  7. Here's a little tidbit of information that not many people know about. There's a glitch in the point allocation system, whereby if by chance you happen to accrue demerit points on exactly the same day previous ones are reaccredited to you, the system goes into an error and wipes your points clean. They haven't allowed for it or been able to repair the problem, which is part of the reason they don't notify us when we get points back.
    I haven't been able to confirm this to date, and i get the sneaking suspicion you're going to find out before i do anyway J.O. :LOL:
  8. You start off with Zero points and you attract points. Earn as many as 12 and then things start to go pretty bad.

    You don't start with 12 points and lose them as you go.

    Sounds like you have collected 7 points and have 5 left before you get the "1 point option"
  9. That's awesome, I never knew about that service. Thanks.
    I have 0 demerit points. No idea how that happened :p
  10. i thought those of us on P's (and i think L's both car and bike) is 5 points max? :?
  11. As Vic has mentioned you start with zero. You attract 'de-merit' points for doing bad things. merit=good, demerit=bad.
  12. You're 21. Please dont share the same road as me until you learn some discipline.......
  13. And your a Grave Dodger Mr. 44. Despite loosing Demerit points, I have never crashed a car or bike. Don't like it? Then dont ride on the same road I do. Nuff said.
  14. he was taking the piss ffs pull your head in.
  15. Weird. Because he happens to take a stab at alot of other 21 year olds in other posts he has posted in. If he is taking the piss in all these posts, i apologize :)
  16. Here's another level of complication.

    Fully licenced driver/riders are allowed to accrue 12 demerit points in any 3 year period. You don't get points back. They are on your permanent record at all times.

    If you got done for something once apon a time, but managed to get it held up in court and appeals etc. for say 5 years... well you're not out of the woods. If that infringement finally resolved to a guilty verdict and the points then allocated back at the infringement date puts you at 12+demerit points for that period, you WILL get a penalty notice and you WILL have to deal with it NOW, even though it's 5 years later.

    Your points never leave you.

  17. well i'm totally f^*ed next week then... :shock:
  18. In Victoria you can lose upto max 12 points in a 3 year period for a full license, and 5 in 12 months for Probationary licenses and your points come back 3 years after the infringement has been paid for full license holders. IE if your offence occured 24 feb 2007 for 3 points, then u would get those 3 points back 24 feb 2010.
  19. :popcorn: