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Vic - Daylight Savings ends tonight!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Greydog, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour before you go to bed tonight.

    Probably some other states too I expect....
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  2. Yerp, same here in NSW... At least we may have the luxury of slobbing in bed an extra hour ;)
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  3. Goodbye daylight savings, come back soon please :depressed:
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  4. just did all mine :)
  5. fark
    now me curtains will fade
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  6. Does your carpet match your curtains?:hungry:
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  7. duno
    its covered in dead chickens from when they stopped laying
    when daylight savings started
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  8. yes, or, get up and go for a ride (supposed to be raining in Sydney)
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  9. You guys must hang a lot of clocks around just got the phone and time changes auto
  10. are you sure? what if it doesn't? maybe you'll need to do a web search just in case :)
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  11. Pretty much just the microwave and my watch.

    You lot who "just have the phone" keep asking me what the time is. My standard answer is, "time to buy a watch"....
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  12. Yeah if i'm an hour early everywhere i'll know lol
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  13. well, ahem, the fatboy has a time display which I will have to reset. that's how fast it goes, it doesn't have a speedo, it has a clock!
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  14. Aww damn, you reminded me...there's a clock on the Z. I can never remember how to change it, dammit!
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  15. hahahaha - me either!
  16. PITA.

    Dawn phot flight was cancelled Friday when it was a 7:15 takeoff, now it's scheduled for Monday morning at 06:15 to catch a 6:35 sunrise.

    From Moorabbin.

    I live in Macedon Ranges. :(
  17. OK - who wound their clocks the wrong way?!? ;)
  18. Formula One Practice on Fox last night was scheduled from 2am to 2am. :)
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  19. YAY,,,am so over it!
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