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[VIC] Dargo weekend, Sat Sep 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mitch

    Hi all, the Dargo Trip is now official

    Route 1 - The non hurried group
    - If the weather gods dislike us OR for those wanting a more leasurely run.
    - 10:00am meeting for a 10:30am departure
    - location to be specified shortly (somewhere off of t...

    ... more

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  2. Yay for Dargo!

    Re: meeting point
    there's Brandon Park shopping centre on the corner of Springvale & Ferntree Gully Rds, right near the freeway - could be a good starting point?
  3. Attendees so far:

    Drew + 1
    sarz + 1
    total: 17

    If I have missed some-one, please let me know.
  4. Further Updates:

    Planned Route
    I am still working on this at present. It will most likely be the route Loz had suggested for the Lakes Entrance ride. I hope to have this provided soon.

    Meeting Point 1
    People wanting to come up from Geelong. Meeting at the Truck-stop Diner on the way out of Geelong at 7:15am for an 7:30am departure

    Meeting Point 2
    - Brandon Park Shopping Centre - Corner Springvale and Furntree Gully Rd
    - Meeting time 9:00am for a 9:30am departure
    - Be gassed up and ready to go and DONT BE LATE :)

    Further updates to come.
  5. Yep, still keen, still doin it. See you Sat morning then
  6. :eek: Seems to me that there are lots of shopping type areas at that location according to Google maps.

    Skuffmeister, may wanna pin-point exactly the area we will meet at that locale.


  7. Morning all -More updates

    Weather is always a key factor in a ride of this distance and with a group.

    Of the 17 people attending, 14 are melbourne based and as such will be following us through some very exciting roads. Now, the weather it looking interesting - 20deg but raining all weekend. Are people still keen to go if it is raining all weekend?


    Dargo Run updated
  8. Hey again.

    I have updated the route - refer to above - it details the meeting point - Brandon park Shopping Centre - Mobile gas station - North side of Furntree Gully Rd.
  9. Hey Cam - check out the link - tell me if that helps
  10. so it might be a bit wet...

    look how WARM it is going to be!!!


    See youse Saturday :grin:
  11. Why doees it have to rain?? :evil:

    Oh well we'll just get wet wont we....

    Skuff, it might be worth planning a secondary route should we start running too far behind time. :idea:

    If Sat is just "Showers Developing" then i don't see why we wouldn't go ahead, can always power home on the Hwy on Sun if it's getting too bad

    Looking forward to this.... will be meeting at the Geelong meet point....after i find it on the map...truck stops can't be too hard to find but i always get lost in Geelong :oops:

  12. Hey Drew - this is what you are after.
    Bacchus to Geelong
  13. Alternatives

    Hey all. In the event the weather is completely appauling, we may need to take a more direct route - this will be determined on the morning of.
  14. Just speed up :wink:

    Catchyas all Sat'day!
  15. Rain? Meh...don't care. I think Saturday will probably be fine, we might cop some on Sunday. Looking forward to it.

    Just have to rid myself of the various afflictions that my kids have kindly given me before then :? Rotten little germ carriers that they are...
  16. Thanks Skuffy, so for the 7:15 meet i'll b leaving around 6:30 i guess.

    see you there!
  17. And so too will you be if you don't get rid of it by the weekend, snotboy!
  18. That's Mr Weepy Pus Eyed Snotboy to you :p
  19. Well done, so most will meet here at the Mobile station for fuel, fag and some expresso!!

    Sounds gooood!
    As for the rain. Icicle re-run??

    I laugh in the face of rain,
    Hang on it's spitting................... can we move this indoors please?