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[VIC] Dandenong Ranges and Hills to the East and Nth East

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by joetdm, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Had to drive a bus for a scenic tour of the Dandenong Ranges today so got first hand of the current road conditions after that sh&t load of rain on the weekend.

    There are still many many spots with gravel, topsoil, etc washed over roads.
    Not talking about a little gravel here and there but in places must still be 30-40mm thick.
    Most of it from intersections with gravel roads or homes with gravel driveways.

    Cars are only starting to clear the tyre lines but not all and if you miss the tyre lines you could be in for some unexpected bike handling...

    I covered Lysterfield, Emerald, Monbulk, Kallista, thru Grantulla Rd, Selby, Belgrave and there's rubbish in many places.

    Emerald-Monbulk Rd has been recently resurfaced and was nice and clean last week where a large section near the one lane bridge was covered in topsoil and gravel...

    Just a friendly warning everyone....

  2. Thanks Joe
  3. Thanks Joe, was thinking about posting the same.
    I've been up and down to Warby this week and I'll add this...

    The gravel isn't in all of it's usual places, so expect the unexpected. I was caught out a couple of times......brown trouser time.

    EDIT: oh and check this out. I came through a section i know quite well and there was gravel all over the shop, I moved to the inside line to buffer and had it sorted. A 4WD coming the other way wandered into my lane (it was a straight section so he should of seen me) and pushed me deep into the gravel. I cracked the shits and decided to turn around. When he saw me coming he tried to gas it, but by the time I got up to his window it was down and he was very apologetic so i let it go. I'm thinking he'll be paying more attention from now on :LOL:
  4. Just got back from Yarra Junction..

    Belgrave-Gembrook road between cockatoo and Gembrook has just been resurfaced, and they have made a meal of it.. They have used more of the cheap cruddy stuff similar to Emerald-Monbulk and they have left a thick layer of stones everywhere!

    Avoid for a couple of weeks until the either sweep it or rain and cars clear it off.
  5. lancefield-melbourne road is in the same condition. Loose surface gravel, especially into and near intersections. i.e. first turn off to Riddells....
  6. Belgrave-Gembrook Rd still has a significant amount of stones.
    The cars have cleared some tracks through thickest of deposits.
    It would still be a concern if you were riding at night,
    or if you had a momentary lapse of concentration.

    And i agree, the stones are in places you wouldn't normally see them.
    Speaks to the volume of rain that has fallen.